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Best Courses To Become An ‘Itamae Of Sushi’ In London

Impressive Sushi creations served in style

Ever since the food industry has turned global, certain dishes have become the talking point of everyone. One among them is Sushi. The ultimate artisan food might look tempting to the eyes but is equally intimidating while making it. So, if you are interested in mastering the art of Sushi making, then enrolling in prominent classes will do the trick. Not only will you learn the tricks and tips to make a perfect Sushi but also get hands-on the basic ingredients.

Here in this blog below, we have unveiled top classes in London that help you learn Sushi making in detail.

  1. Sozai
    Sozai is often touted as one of the best schools to learn Japanese cooking. The center of learning also has max Sushi-learning classes where candidates are taught everything. From cutting, chopping, rolling, and assembling, students are taught the basics in 3 hours of traditional training making it perfect for learning artisanal food.

  1. Atsuko’s Kitchen
    Atsuko’s Kitchen is another destination in London for perfecting Sushi making skills. The friendly classes with Atsuko teach every basic trick. From preparing sticky rice, cutting raw fish, to rolling, students can get the know-how of every step in detail. Apart from that, the class also has plant-based options for Vegan students which makes it more fun.

  1. School of Wok
    For everyone who needs to perfect their Sushi-making skills, here is a great option. The School of Wok teaches students to make four different types of Sushi along with the knowledge of various flavor profiles. What makes the classes more diverse is that they cater to Vegans and after you have made your dish you can enjoy them too!

  1. Yuki’s Kitchen
    If you dream of making those neat Sushi roles at home, then Yuki’s kitchen is your one-stop destination. The classes are run by Yuki and lay a special emphasis on rolled Sushi techniques. Even Vegan students can enjoy and perfect their culinary skills with plant-based options like mushrooms and carrots. All these together make Yuki’s Kitchen the best for learning Sushi in London.

  1. The Avenue Cookery School
    The Avenue Cookery School presents an experience that is unlike any other. Interested candidates not only learn how to make Sushi in a 2-hour class but also enjoy the experience of eating the delicacy with colleagues. There is also a Vegan class available for people which makes the whole learning more fun.

  1. Yo! Sushi
    For all those wanting to have a Sushi learning experience in London that is pocket-friendly Yo! Sushi is the ultimate option. All the ingredients used in the class are freshly sourced which makes the learning experience rich. For Vegans, there are certain plant-based options available but you will have to make this clear while booking.

  1. London Cookery School
    Demystify the art of making Sushi with London Cookery School. The institute helps you to learn tips for cooking sticky rice and prepare other ingredients in detail which is worth the time. What’s more interesting is that the school has a plant-based option for Vegan lovers also and after you have created your meal you can enjoy it with the rest of the class.

  1. Alice Sushi Art
    These short and creative classes are only an hour and a half long. But that doesn’t dim its importance. Interested candidates have a chance to learn traditional Sushi making while experimenting with seasonal fruits. Touted as “Frushi” this is something which you are unlikely to find anywhere else in London.

  1. Hashi Cooking
    Hashi Cooking is renowned for being the complete Sushi class in London. Candidates who take up the course learn to perfect techniques such as inside-out sushi rolls, thin rolls to even learning Miso Soup. From using top ingredients to catering to vegan options, the classes will help you master the art of Sushi in no time.

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