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Lisa Gable

Lisa Gable

Lisa Gable serves on the External Advisory Board (EAB) for CEOWORLD magazine. She is a CEO, former US Ambassador, UN Delegate, and a best-selling author of "Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South" (IdeaPress Publishing, October 5, 2021), which has been featured on Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Lisa is a renowned global expert in turning around failing organizations and inventing innovative business strategies. She has a track record of over three decades in successfully reviving businesses, teams, non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and government ventures, and resolving complex problems. Through her extensive experience, Lisa has discovered that the most effective method of getting back on track is through the application of process engineering principles, which entails a thorough reassessment of all organizational procedures and practices while maintaining respectful and empathetic relationships and fostering strong partnerships.

You can follow her on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
Lisa Gable
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