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Greg Walthour
Business Transformation

8 Metrics To Focus On To Improve Conversion Rates

You can track many conversion rate metrics to improve your conversion rates. Some conversions are designed to result in a purchase, while others are meant to encourage the prospect to continue down the sales funnel. Conversion rates are critical to a business as it has been found that 70% of marketers will...
Henry Goudreau
Business Transformation

How Mentor and Coach Henry Goudreau is Guiding Construction Industry Entrepreneurs Down the Straight and Narrow Path

Henry Goudreau is a construction industry guru with immense experience and vast knowledge of both the industry and also how to market oneself to find optimal success. The founder of both HG Associates and, he created his signature ‘Golden Hard Hat’ mentoring program, to help construction entrepreneurs find more...
Business Transformation


Success defies a universal definition. It is a complex paradigm. On a macro basis, definitions of success differ widely, based on a variety of factors: social position, station and chronology in life, ethnicity, economics, geo-political, and more. It is necessarily defined both qualitatively and quantitatively. It can be unique to...
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