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Most Expensive Resorts In Vietnam

As Vietnam is becoming a growing site for tourist destinations, it is booming with high-end resorts. These resorts ensure the ultimate convenience and relaxation, many of which are exceptionally cutting-edge, exquisite, and eco-conscious. Vietnam has shown increasingly luxurious resorts ranging from all-inclusive spa hotels where treatments are on the house...
Ankita Panwar
Executive Education

Innovative Approaches to Finance Management: Lessons from the Software Industry

The role of a finance department is critical to the success of any organization. In today’s fast-paced business environment, traditional financial management approaches may no longer be sufficient to drive growth and profitability. Digitization has transformed the way businesses operate with technology companies leading the way. Specifically, software companies can...
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Best National Parks In The UK

England has many attractions to visit. Some of these attractions are its National Parks. There are 15 national parks across England. These areas are protected because of their cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and beautiful countryside. There are clear boundaries and laws to protect nature and wildlife in England so everyone...
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Wealthiest People in Cyprus (May 31, 2023)

As of  May 31, 2023, John Fredriksen was the wealthiest person in Cyprus, with an estimated net worth of 13.1 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Vinod Adani (No. 2, $12.3 billion), Yakir Gabay  (No. 3, $3.4 billion); and Sergey Dmitriev (No. 4, $2.5 billion). Valentin Kipyatkov is the fifth-richest person in Cyprus, with a whopping...
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