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Top 10 Facebook groups useful for students who study in Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf Germany

Nowadays, social media is one of the most direct ways to interact with other people. If you are a new student in Dusseldorf and you feel puzzled about organizing your life then you can connect with the above Facebook groups in order to easily socialize and get support and help.

  1. Life in Dusseldorf/ Local & Expat Community: It is a private group. Each one who wants to have access to the posts and all the information published has to be a member. If you are new in Dusseldorf and you don’t speak German then this group will help you connect with university students, local people and make your days easier as you try to adapt to your new routine. All the posts and the information given is in English. Through this group you can make friends, find flatmates or search for job opportunities. The group has more than 10.000 members.
  2. Dusseldorf Expat Meetups: This group is very useful. It helps people who have recently moved to Dusseldorf to make new friends by participating in events that are announced to this group. The posts are also in English in this group so newcomers in the city can get answers about the college life, how to make easier their life in Dusseldorf, how to find an accommodation or a flatmate. Sometimes are posted accommodation requests and offers and job opportunities. The group has 17.000 members. It is a private group and if you want to have access to all the information given you have to be a member.
  3. Dusseldorf/ Girl Gone International: Another private group. This group is only for girls. It is the local branch of the famous worldwide women’s network “Girl Gone International”.  A group for all-girl matters. Through this group you can socialize as the admin organizes meetings, workshops and other activities just for fun in order the members to spend happily their free time. Isn’t it a good opportunity to get closer to the mentality of German society?
  4. Sustainable Dusseldorf: This group was created on February 2018. It is private and has 1.600 members. Nowadays, sustainability is very important for a lot of people and more and more citizens follow a sustainable lifestyle. You can get all the information you need for local recycling and of course make friends who share the same interest with you for the protection of the environment.
  5. Yes/ Your Expat Society in Dusseldorf: It is a private group with almost 2.000 members. People who join the group have the opportunity to make new friends and get the support they need in case they want help. Also, the admins of the group organize social events and other gatherings giving the opportunity to the members to meet each other personally.
  6. WG & Wohnung Düsseldorf Gesucht: This group is a larger one with almost 39.000 members. You can find information both in German and English. This group is mainly focused on finding accommodation in Düsseldorf and its surroundings.
  7. Electronic Music Expats: Düsseldorf & Cologne: This group has 200 members. It best fits to students and especially those who like electronic music, electronic music parties, and electronic music festivals. By participating in this group you are a part of a dance music community in Düsseldorf, Cologne and all areas around. So, if you are a fan of electronic music then go ahead and connect with this group.
  8. NRW Hiking Group: This group aims to bring together people who love walking and hiking. Members can join the events they like, meet new friends and spend time at the nature. The group is private and has 1.700 members. So, go ahead, socialize and exercise at the same time.
  9. Expats In Düsseldorf: Although it is a very useful group for newcomers in Germany, you may find it difficult in the beginning to connect if you don’t know the German language.  However, it is a great group to meet locals and improve steadily your German. The group is public and has 22.000 members.
  10. English Speaking Dog Owners Düsseldorf/NRW: If you just moved to Dusseldorf with your dog, this is the right group for you. It is for English speaking dog owners who want to connect, share information, meet for activities and socialize. The group is private and has more than 300 members.

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