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5 Effective Tips For Planning A Luxury Travel On A Budget

traveling on holidays

When we hear ‘luxury travel’, we imagine a fat wallet and exclusivity. There is no gainsaying that luxury travel is basically traveling lavishly, but this does not mean it is exclusive to those with fat pockets. In fact, budget travel can easily accommodate luxury touches here and there, but you must think through your planning smartly. Whether you are traveling in a pack or as a backpacker, you must keep in mind a few things that might end up giving the desired experience of luxury travel.

This article, as you might have guessed already, is about having a posh experience without having to sell your kidney. I have collected and briefed on a few tips that can help you realize your dream. Follow them and make your plans accordingly. Let us take a look at what I have here for you.

  1. Places with weaker currencies
    One of the ways you can realize a luxury trip is by going to places where the currency is weak. For that, you will have to do a comparative analysis of the currency of your country and that of the place you intend to visit. Make sure you take note of the exchange rates as well as the general economy of the country you want to visit.
    For example, the Japanese currency ‘yen’ may seem like a weak currency in comparison, but it is not really weak. It is the third most traded currency and the fact the country of its origin is quite expensive you might end up spending more than you expected.

    traveling on holidays

  2. Know When To Book
    There are certain things you must keep in mind while booking hotels. In the peak season, say, during a major holiday season, the prices will be hiked and any deal you take will most likely be a blow on your finances. So, make sure you book in advance—much in advance—if you intend to visit a country during peak season. In case you fail to book in advance, you might end up securing a less expensive deal for a luxury hotel at the last minute. But, of course, there is no guarantee.
  3. Preferring Lunch over dinner
    Luxury travel also entails fine dining, which, as the name suggests, is quite expensive. There is, however, a way about it. It is advised that you prefer lunch over dinner at high-end restaurants. The lunch menu is usually less expensive and can be afforded on a regular budget.
    Go for dinner only when there is a buffet system because then paying more bucks would not hurt much. Another smart thing to do is to eat at bars because the bar menus usually have cheap rates for snacks. Also, note that the neighborhood where the restaurant is located can also determine the amount you might end up spending on food. So, if you choose a fine dining restaurant in a posh commercial district, then be prepared to pay more.

    traveling on holidays

  4. Direct Contact with hotels
    We all end up on those deal-maker websites that act as hotel aggregators and offer you competitive prices. However, there is another way of getting friendly deals—and that is by directly contacting the hotel. You may not know this but hotels often end up offering discounts to those who book directly with them rather than through any hotel-aggregator website. In fact, these hotels will also tailor a package for you. But, that being said, you cannot be reckless with planning, and thus, you should directly contact these hotels only when you know what sort of deal you are looking forward to.
  5. Less Touristy place
    Mainstream tourist destinations are highly competitive, and luxury travel to these places can be really strenuous. However, if you travel to a less touristy place, you might end up at the better end of bargaining. Due to a very limited flow of tourists, competition is not cut-throat and services are available at less expensive rates. In popular places, hotels, for example, quote prices as per their whims and fancies because they know there are enough customers even if one of them refuses to avail of their services. This is not the case with less popular places. Also, visiting a less touristy place would mean a lesser crowd and more peace—a sort of luxury we do not find very often.

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