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5 Things Every Hotel Must Offer For A High-Class Service For Business Travelers

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Hospitality is a virtue. It is not just a customary expression of care and well-being; it is an indispensable feature of respect towards guests. When a person chooses a hotel or any other accommodation facility, he expects a range of high-class services possible in his budget. Whether the hotel is budget-friendly or extravagant, standard hospitality is expected and failure to experience it damages the very essence of hospitality.

To my readers, who wish to start a business in the hotel industry or are consumers of the said industry, read this article carefully. Choosing the right hotel is a no-brainer if you are well-acquainted with the fundamentals of a good accommodation facility. In this small piece of article, I have mentioned 5 things which every hotel must offer for a rich experience. These are very basic but are often undermined. So, take note of what I am going to talk about.

  1. Cleanliness
    What is the first thing you notice when you enter someone’s house? I notice how tidy the house is, and quite possibly, most of you do the same. A hotel is a property to stay at for a reasonable amount of time, and anyone would expect it to be immaculate. The highest standards of cleanliness are a must whether it is the laundry, bathroom, furnishings, or anything else. Messy or dirty places are unhealthy and may affect the health of not only the guests but the staff as well. It is, therefore, important that cleanliness should be an everyday-affair and not be considered lightly.

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  2. Breathable rooms
    It is not necessary that you always get spacious rooms, but that is not the point here. Even if the room area is compact, it should not feel stuffy or poorly ventilated. The guests should be able to arrange their luggage in reasonably sized wardrobes, the beddings should not cover much of the room, and windows should be provided for letting in air and natural light. Nobody likes a cramped room where they have to fit themselves in. The experience aggravates further if the guests intend to stay for a longer duration.

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  3. Lighting
    I have seen that hotels do not take lighting seriously. Dim lights are preferable only on selective occasions and are not helpful on many other occasions. It is imperative to put your guests in a mentally comfortable place, and lighting has been found to be an integral factor in ensuring that. Absence of bedside lamps, for example, can be a hassle if, for example, a couple is staying in the room and one of them wants to read a book or stay awake and the other does not. Also, too bright or too dull lights do not help either. Hence, as a hotelier, you are expected to arrange for quality lighting.

  4. Food
    A good hotel knows the magic of gastronomy. It is quite common to find hotels offering excellent, high-class accommodation services and utterly awful food selection. A friend of mine once half-jokingly commented on the wastefulness of eating in a 5-star hotel—and she wasn’t farther from the truth because hotels tend to not focus on food, which is one of the mainstays of high-class hospitality. Breakfast should be fresh, and a buffet system is preferable. If there are onsite restaurants, make sure that regular quality-check are conducted and customer feedback is taken seriously. Guests enjoy options, and the more culinary options you give, the better. But, it is always quality that takes precedence over quantity so even in the absence of a diversified menu, you can still win the hearts of your guests through excellent food.

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  5. Responsive Staff
    Your hotel might have the world’s best in-house services, but the lack of a cordial staff will easily dent its reputation. A hotelier is expected to take the training of his staff very diligently because it is the staff, after the appearance of the hotel, which a guest notices first. First impressions are very important, and the staff plays a key role in forming the good as well as the bad ones. So, every time you recruit a staff member, make sure you train him properly. Also, implement proper and strict oversight mechanisms so that the staff is kept in check. Feedback forms should emphasize on the quality of staff service. It is the job of the staff to serve the guests and ensure that the latter is able to enjoy their stay as much as they can—and a good attitude is what that ensures that.

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