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Best Road Journeys in Europe for the Adventurous Traveler

In the hustle-bustle of urban lives and the boredom of daily life which is filled with fast-pace and running around, traveling surely opens new doors and rejuvenates the adventure-hungry soul. Road trips, in particular, have much more than it meets the eye.

They not only bring a traveling bliss to the wanderer but also bring out a deep philosophical outlook about life and brings out a new perspective on how one perceives things. Europe, in particular, is known for its fantastic road destinations and well-connected pathways that are filled with landscapes, visual beauty, and thrilling rides. We bring you the list of amazing road journeys in Europe for the adventurous traveler:

  1. Autobahn- Germany:  The gifted highway without any speed limitations in non-urban regions, Autobahn is an adventurous traveler’s paradise to have a drive. Explore the beautiful countryside of Germany during the journey which brings out the blissful experience to the passionate traveler.
  2. Route 500- Germany:  Cutting through the midst of the black forest, the journey offers breathtaking views through the mountains. The magnificent route from Feldberg to Waldkirch is 70 kilometers long on a clear day which offers awesome views. The path then takes the Northern Black Forest across Rhineland Plain, Vosges Mountains in Alsace to the pristine Swiss Alps.
  3. Ring of Kerry- Ireland:  To look at the best of the European countryside, Ireland is the best place to visit for sure. This particular route is known for the rugged route, which is untouched by the urbane polishing. Visit the charming villages along the way  along with the view of Skellig Michael island off the coast which was also featured in the recent Star Wars films.
  4. Amalfi Coast- Italy: For the sea-lovers who are passionate about driving along the coast, Amalfi takes the traveler back in time featuring the beautiful architecture of Italy. Cruise along from the town to town which features the breathtaking culture of Italy that is a mix of architecture, food and scenery – making the best road trip of Europe.
  5. Les Corniches- France:  Being a set of three different altitudes, different scenic tours which offer the mesmerizing countryside of France.  Take time to spend ample time in Monaco which is quite distinctive and amazing. Laden with everything creative and artful, this road trip is unique in many levels.
  6. Trollstigen- Norway: This mountain passway is also known as Troll Route and regarded as one of the most scenic routes in Europe. The drivers can experience the best of landscape including mountains, sublime waterfalls and the subtle plains. The road goes from Andalsnes and Valladalen thereby giving the chance for the traveler to get into the heart of Norway.
  7. Klausen Pass, Switzerland: If your heart skips a beat when you get a glimpse of the snow-capped mountains, this route is like a dream come true. Apart from the amazing landscape views, the route also has a wild car race every four to five years that travels through the pass. So planning your trip to coincide with the race would be a once in a lifetime experience.

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