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These Are Six The Most Luxurious Trains From Around The World

A long haul between two places need not always be tiring and monotonous. To kill the buzzing bees of boredom while you travel on the rail, here are the best luxurious trains from around the world, which are not just comfortable but a statement on their own.

  1. Venice Simplon orient express from London to Venice.
    There are two things which are widely popular about this train, romance, and spike of adventure. Rolling through some of the most picturesque locations around Europe, this train takes you through London, Paris, Verona and Venice and their captivating scenery. The elegant suites of the train express the vintage era, where a delicious brunch is offered. It costs around $3,340 per person to travel on this train. 
  2. Golden Eagle from Moscow to Vladivostok.
    For some travelers, an authentic experience of travel on rails is incomplete without boarding this Trans – Siberian express that takes you through eight different time zones. En – suite bathrooms with complete laundry services and even a doctor on board, this five-star accommodation gives the perfect feel of extravagant luxury. A silver class ticket on the train starts at $15,895 per person. 
  3. The Blue train from Pretoria to Cape Town.
    This 27-hour long journey takes you across South Africa, stopping at some of the remarkable spots on its way. You will find the staff on the train quite helpful and ready to do almost any job you might have for them. Few of the suites here also have a bathtub, which amplifies the comfort and luxury of your travel. The train takes you around at $976 per person.
  4.  The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin.
    The three-day ride on this train will take you through a bounty of scenic views around Australia. While you can binge on local delights while riding on the train, the hospitable staff takes care of your needs and ensure the provision of exclusive benefits. It will cost you $2637 per person to travel on this train.
  5.  Rovos Rail from Southern and Eastern Africa.
    What many call as the slower version of the Blue train, this one takes you to some of the most exclusive destinations around Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and New Zealand. The cabin surroundings are quite luxurious, and since this train never spikes over a speed of 37 miles per hour, travelers are free to open the windows for air and photography. A ride on this train starts at $1500 per person. 
  6. The rocky mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver.
    This five-star rail experience operates in Northern America. On this particular route, you can expect yourself to be captivated with the serene surroundings and the helpful service on the route. The months of September and October are considered to be the most romantic months for travel, sometimes with a collection of snow on the top of the mountains. A ride on this train will cost you $1300 per person at any time of the year.

Are you intimidated by these rides? Tell us which one would you be taking soon.

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