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Cities With The Most (And Least) Expensive Apartments In The United States, 2019

No, it’s not the celebrity-soaked Los Angeles, nor the high-rise metropolis of New York or even the cultural crossroads of Chicago. San Francisco has been crowned as the most expensive city in America to live in for 2019, according to CEOWORLD magazine, while New York and San Jose placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

So, is San Francisco really the priciest rental market in the United States?

Just like last year, the answer is a resounding yes.”

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco has reached a new peak of $3,690, and a two-bedroom apartment runs at $4,790. Seattle, home to Amazon and Microsoft, rang in at $1,900 and Washington, DC, hit $2,220. It turns out, five of the top ten most expensive cities for rentals on the list are in California, with San Jose coming in third-most expensive, Oakland ranking fifth, Los Angeles, making sixth and Santa Anaanta Ana in 10th.

The national median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,214, while a two-bedroom apartment goes for $1,471.

Cities with the “Most Expensive Apartments” in the United States for 2019 ranking include San Francisco, CA (No. 1); New York, NY (No. 2); San Jose, CA (No. 3); Boston, MA (No. 4); Oakland, CA (No. 5); Los Angeles, CA (No. 6); Washington, DC (No. 7); Seattle, WA (No. 8); Miami, FL (No. 9); and Santa Ana, CA (No. 10).

Cities with the “Least Expensive Apartments: in America for 2019 ranking include Akron, OH (No. 1); Wichita, KS (No. 2); Detroit, MI (No. 3); Lubbock, TX (No. 4); Tucson, AZ (No. 5); Shreveport, LA (No. 6); El Paso, TX (No. 7); Tulsa, OK (No. 8); Lincoln, NE (No. 9); and Oklahoma City, OK (No. 10).

The least expensive city in CEOWORLD magazine’s study is Akron, Ohio, where the median rent for a single-bedroom apartment is $550 and rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $710.

RankCity1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms
1San Francisco, CA$3,600$4,790
2New York, NY$3,050$3,450
3San Jose, CA$2,540$2,990
4Boston, MA$2,500$2,900
5Oakland, CA$2,300$2,720
6Los Angeles, CA$2,230$3,190
7Washington, DC$2,220$2,770
8Seattle, WA$1,900$2,350
9Miami, FL$1,780$2,300
10Santa Ana, CA$1,770$2,180
11San Diego, CA$1,750$2,400
12Anaheim, CA$1,730$2,230
13Fort Lauderdale, FL$1,650$2,150
14Honolulu, HI$1,590$2,200
15Denver, CO$1,580$1,950
16Long Beach, CA$1,550$2,100
17Providence, RI$1,500$1,580
18Chicago, IL$1,470$1,800
19New Orleans, LA$1,430$1,530
20Scottsdale, AZ$1,420$2,010
21Minneapolis, MN$1,400$1,900
22Atlanta, GA$1,390$1,750
23Philadelphia, PA$1,380$1,700
24Portland, OR$1,350$1,680
25Charlotte, NC$1,320$1,430
26Orlando, FL$1,310$1,470
27Sacramento, CA$1,300$1,500
28Dallas, TX$1,230$1,650
29Chandler, AZ$1,220$1,460
30Gilbert, AZ$1,210$1,465
31Austin, TX$1,200$1,540
32Madison, WI$1,195$1,330
33Aurora, CO$1,190$1,500
34Baltimore, MD$1,180$1,420
35Nashville, TN$1,175$1,360
36Plano, TX$1,170$1,630
37Fort Worth, TX$1,160$1,300
38Houston, TX$1,150$1,400
39Newark, NJ$1,145$1,490
40Irving, TX$1,140$1,480
41Henderson, NV$1,135$1,350
42Tampa, FL$1,130$1,320
43Durham, NC$1,110$1,270
44St Petersburg, FL$1,095$1,550
45Virginia Beach, VA$1,090$1,240
46Pittsburgh, PA$1,085$1,290
47Raleigh, NC$1,080$1,210
48Richmond, VA$1,075$1,230
49Salt Lake City, UT$1,070$1,370
50Fresno, CA$1,000$1,140
51Phoenix, AZ$995$1,250
52Buffalo, NY$990$1,180
53Chesapeake, VA$980$1,220
54Las Vegas, NV$975$1,155
55Milwaukee, WI$970$1,020
56Syracuse, NY$965$1,060
57Boise, ID$960$1,100
58Kansas City, MO$950$1,075
59Anchorage, AK$940$1,150
60Colorado Springs, CO$930$1,200
61Jacksonville, FL$920$1,055
62Mesa, AZ$915$1,160
63Reno, NV$910$1,310
64Louisville, KY$900$960
65San Antonio, TX$890$1,090
66Glendale, AZ$860$1,080
67Corpus Christi, TX$855$1,072
68Spokane, WA$850$1,000
69Rochester, NY$840$990
70Laredo, TX$835$885
71Omaha, NE$830$1,050
72Arlington, TX$825$1,075
73Baton Rouge, LA$820$910
74Cleveland, OH$815$870
75Des Moines, IA$810$860
76Knoxville, TN$800$905
77Norfolk, VA$795$1,070
78St Louis, MO$790$1,145
79Chattanooga, TN$780$890
80Cincinnati, OH$775$1,120
81Winston Salem, NC$770$840
82Tallahassee, FL$765$880
83Augusta, GA$760$830
84Indianapolis, IN$755$810
85Lexington, KY$750$980
86Bakersfield, CA$740$900
87Greensboro, NC$735$855
88Memphis, TN$730$820
89Albuquerque, NM$720$850
90Columbus, OH$710$1,078
91Oklahoma City, OK$690$889
92Lincoln, NE$670$887
93Tulsa, OK$660$810
94El Paso, TX$655$790
95Shreveport, LA$650$700
96Tucson, AZ$640$886
97Lubbock, TX$630$800
98Detroit, MI$620$690
99Wichita, KS$610$750
100Akron, OH$550$710

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