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Top 5 Tips For Landing A Good Internship In College

Internships hold a lot of value in college years as they act as a medium for you to land the job of your dreams. Internships not only teach you how the work is to be construed but also help in building your network.

You get to explore and learn your way around a work environment. You get opportunities to exploit your potential as well as make new friends. Internships give you a professional edge along with an educational experience. Finding a good internship is an equally critical matter as it has a great impact on your career. You will find a great competition in acquiring the internship you desire, so to make that task easier for you, we have come up with top 5 for landing a decent internship in college.

  1. Build a Professional Resume and Letters of Recommendation
    Build a strong resume, which is well organized, highlighting your academic achievements, work experience, and personal accomplishments. A resume plays an important part in your selection procedure and you should, therefore, enumerate all the information that is required to be known by the selector so they have a brief idea of your talent and capabilities to make a refined judgement. A letter of recommendation from past supervisors/professors is immensely useful in creating a good impression and a sense of guarantee of your good work ethics and aptitude.
  2. Research and be on a constant lookout for new opportunities
    It is really important that you begin your search for internships on time and not wait till the last minute because slots in good internships are limited and get occupied really soon. It is anyway better to get an internship before time as you get a certain security which also lessens the burden. It is important to constantly keep yourself up to date regarding new openings in your field of search.
  3. Streamline your search with the help of Internship experiences
    Your efforts will be futile if you go on applying to each and every place you come across. It would also reduce your chances of landing a respectable and decent internship. With this we learn to streamline our prospective options and filter our choices as to what kind of work is suitable for us according to the objective of the internship. Internship reviews and former experiences help in the process of filtering the options. You should go through as many reviews as possible and talk to past interns of that organisation to get to know about the working space and if that environment fits your convenience.
  4. Follow up and personal contact
    A very important step of the application process for an internship is to follow up. An organisation would be getting hundreds and thousands of applications every day. For your application to stand out and to show your eagerness and keenness to work with the organisation, it is important that you don’t sit back and wait for a reply but continue following up. Moreover, contacting an organisation personally leaves an impact and makes them remember you. It will help you build contacts and create a lasting impression.
  5. Show flexibility and be ready for an unpaid internship
    It is important that you show compliance to the terms and conditions imposed by the company and don’t get too rigid and demanding. It is important you maintain relations with your supervisors for future references. Being flexible with the timings and nature of work would show qualities of determination, adaptability, and compliancy. Agree to help them in projects outside the scope of your internships to not only grasp knowledge of the working style of different fields but also reflect your hardworking and voluntary nature.

    There are many internships that offer no stipend but are worth it. You should not hesitate in taking them up because the main aim for your college internships should be to learn, get exposure and experience, to further put it in your CV to enhance your skills, talents and proficiencies. So, don’t run after money and the brand name always. If you don’t learn anything, your time and efforts are in vain.

During internships, you find various people from different places and cultures. Finding a good internship, hence, helps you in numerous aspects like networking, learning to be independent, being interactive and outgoing, and, of course, enhancing your skill-set. You will end up making best of memories during your internships and there is no better way to spend your holidays and avoiding wasting time sitting idle at home. Take every chance you get to improve yourself and your personality in order to build a remarkable future!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Tips For Landing A Good Internship In College
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