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These Are The 4 Things To Eat For Flawless Hair

We all are a little vain about our hair. Everybody wants to have beautiful, shiny, bouncy hair, whether it be straight long locks or just a short crop.

Great hair improves your appearance a lot and gives you a mighty boost in your self-confidence.  And getting flawless hair isn’t as hard as it seems.

It’s just about making the right decisions about your shampoos and conditioners, but, most importantly, your diet.

Now, let’s talk about what your hair needs to grow. Hair is made of a compound called ketamine, which is also present in your nails.

It’s a protein and requires proteins and folic acids as nourishment. Following is the list of top 4 things to add to your diet to get flawless hair.

  1. Leafy green veggies
    You’ll find leafy green vegetables on a lot of healthy eating lists, and for a good reason! They are rich in a lot of nutrients that you won’t get in many other food items.
    They have a host of benefits and are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. Leafy greens are rich in iron, some proteins, and most importantly, contain small amounts of folic acids. Now, folic acids are something very important to the healthy growth of hair, and we’ll be talking about it a little while later. However, folic acids are also rare in natural foodstuff, with leafy greens being one of the most significant contributors of folic acids to your diet. So, whip out that broccoli, make that kale smoothie, and give your hair a natural shine!
  2. Fish
    A fish is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is a good, healthy source of protein and fat for your body. Fishes are also great for your hair. Omega -6 acids are present in most chemical hair supplements and greatly help in dense and luscious growth of your hair. Fishes, basically, are one of the greatest things for your hair and also taste delicious. Try not to fry your fish, as they lose a lot of the good oils in the process. Boil, cook, or make sushi, and enjoy your fish!
  3. Almonds
    Almonds are a great source of a lot of essential nutrients. They have a high amount of biotin and contain magnesium, which will help in denser, richer growth of your hair. Aside from that, they are also rich in a vast amount of nutrients, which will help make your skin glow, helps your eyesight a bit, and is generally one of the healthiest nuts.
    Almond milk, however, loses a lot of these properties. So, soak a cupful of almonds overnight in water, peel off their skin in the morning and devour them. You’ll start noticing the differences in a month.
  4. Eggs
    Eggs are amazing when applied to hair, usually whipped and mixed with olive oil. However, eating boiled egg whites regularly also has a number of benefits for your hair. They have some amount of biotins and a large amount of healthy proteins. They are also one of the healthiest foods all around. They are great for your hair, skin, and have a good amount of natural, healthy proteins. Boil eggs and eat their whites. If you want to gain weight, just eat the whole thing.

Avoid frying, scrambling, and making omelets, as that offers a lot of unnecessary oils and fats, and it might add cholesterol and trans-fats which would do much more harm than it will do good. Plain, boiled eggs are a great, quick and filling breakfast, and have amazing health benefits.

The aforementioned top 4 things to eat for flawless hair are easy dietary changes you can make to your daily intake to have luxurious, bouncy, shiny hair. Keep at it for a few months and flaunt your luxurious locks as the aftermath!

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