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5 Tips That Can Turn Your Internship Into a Job

A call letter for internship is a great sign. It is basically an opportunity to show what you have got and earn a bigger reward, a job. However, an internship opportunity might give you hopes, but do not lose track of reality. The reality is that the internship assessment is holistic and that there will be many others like you competing for a spot in the organization.

But, if you want something, you will have to put up a fight. Many often end up giving ill-advice that you got to lick the boots to get the organization to notice you. Well, actually this is a very negative perception of the world; these things happen, of course, but they are not the only way to get where you want to be.

In this article, I have summarised 5 tips which can help you turn your internship into a full-time job. You will be able to retain your dignity and able to secure a placement. So, let us see what you can do while you are interning.

  1. Overconfidence Will Destroy You
    Interns are often enthusiastic about the workplace. They act excitedly and haughtily which cause a bad impression on the working staff. What hurts your reputation the most, however, is overconfidence.
    When interning, show your curious side. Take up challenging tasks, accept mistakes, and maintain humbleness. Even if your supervisor makes mistakes, do not act as if he is without consequence or is stupid. Just because you know a couple of things does not mean you know it all.
    Reach your workplace with a mindset that you will learn something you know or use your knowledge.
  1. Do Not Skip Etiquettes
    Your behavior is as much important as your words. The way you handle yourself in the professional environment contributes majorly to the development of your reputation. If you do not mind your manners, you are at a loss.
    There are certain unspoken rules of etiquettes which you must abide by such as always greet your supervisors and other staff, be courteous when somebody assists you, keep a smiling face whenever you exchange pleasantries and do not behave like a scared person. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, but you get the point,
    Treat your co-interns and the workplace’s staff the way you would have wanted yourself to be treated.

  1. Do Something Beyond Expectations
    Your supervisor will hand over work to you which he expects you to finish properly and on time. There are two ways to go about it: you go the conventional way and do only what is minimally required to get the work done, or you do what you have been instructed but add more substance to the work done.
    The best way to impress the supervisors is to give them extra. For example, if your supervisor asked you to find certain records and send them via email. You can find the records, arrange them in order, and then send them over. Your supervisor is sure to get impressed.
    By having such an approach, you will be able to show that you are not here just to do an internship and secure a certificate; you are involved in work and would like to contribute.
  1. Ask For Work
    You need to have an initiative-taking approach to work. When you are interning, your supervisors are evaluating you on many parameters. One such parameter is how eager you are to take up work.
    Sometimes supervisors do not have work or forget to assign work, you should approach them and ask them to give you some work. You should not shy away from work and not relish in the fact that your supervisor is busy and not giving you work.
  1. Do Not Leave Until Your Supervisor Does
    Unless your supervisor asks you to, you should stay back until your supervisor remains in office. Assist him in finishing off the work quickly, or finish your own. But, stay back. This will let the supervisor know that you are dead serious about what you are doing and respect him the way he should be respected by a subordinate.

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