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Top Colleges To Study Animal Welfare In Canada, 2019

Animal welfare a course which studies the fundamental rights that all animals deserve. It is a part of animal science and teaches about what is in their best interests, regardless of whether they are endangered or not.

The basic animal rights include the possession of their existence, avoiding any suffering, and so on.

It is a course that is vast and has many subdivisions, such as animal welfare, animal behavior, animal protection, and care, etc.

There are many colleges and universities in Canada that have animal rights courses available for students. Some of the top colleges are mentioned below:

  1. Animal Welfare Program at the University of British Columbia: The University of British Columbia boasts of a great program in animal welfare. Students opting for this course have to conduct a thesis as well as practical experiments. The core research area in this course is the animal welfare in relation to housing and management of animals.
    Some of the major topics that the course covers include animal welfare and the ethics of animal use, stress and coping in animals, applied animal behavior and others.
    It is important to note here that under the topic of animal welfare, rights and ethics, students cover areas of assessment of the well being as well as rights of animals.
    Programs: M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Animal Science with a specialization in Animal Welfare.
  2. The University of Windsor: The University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada has two major courses called Animals and Humans in Society as well as Animals and Ethics under which students can develop their understanding of the kind of relationships that humans have with animals. The course also focuses on the issues and controversies that surround human and animal relationships.
    Some of the main topics included in these courses are that of animal rights and welfare, animals in human health and animals and the law.
    # ANZO-1600. Animals and Humans in Society
    # ANZO-2000. The Paw & the Pen: Animals in Literature
    # ANZO-2600. Animals For Sport and Entertainment
    # ANZO-2610. Animals and the Law
    # ANZO-3100. The Canine Impact: Evolution of the Dog-Human Relationship
    # ANZO-3600. Special Topics in Anthrozoology
    # ANZO-4980. Anthrozoology Capstone (Certificate Program: Final Course)
  3. Faculty of Science at Thompson Rivers University: Based in Kamloops, Canada, the Thompson Rivers University has an animal welfare certification program. As the name suggests, the course is best for those who wish to expand their knowledge in animal welfare and similar issues. One of the major subjects taught under this course is the prevention of cruelty to animals.
    Animal Health Technology (AHT) program is accredited by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and is recognized by all provincial associations.

    # Two-year on-campus diploma for registered veterinary technologists.
    # Three-year distance-education diploma for registered veterinary technologists.
    # Eight-month distance-education animal welfare certificate
    # Animal Welfare Certificate in partnership between TRU and the BC SPCA.

  4. Dalhousie University: Dalhousie University in Halifax has an animal rights course where students can gain specialized knowledge in all the laws and rights related to animals. Additionally, it also teaches about the ethics that humans should follow when handling and detreating animals. This course also offers a wide range of theoretical as well as practical understaffing of science, law and the different applications that surround the use and treatment of animals.
    In conclusion, animal rights, as a subject, is quite huge. Not only does it include the ethics and morals related to animals, but also teaches us that animals, just like humans, also have rights. Animal rights teaches us that there are things that are wrong, where principles are concerned. And there are things that are simply morally wrong to do to animals.

While there are many colleges and universities in Canada that offer animal rights courses to students, the ones mentioned above definitely belong to the top.

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