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Lead Generation: This Is How You Succeed

If your staff, products, and services are the engine of your business, your clients and customers are your fuel. Without fuel, you don’t go anywhere.

Your business stagnates while competitors overtake you with more sales and a bigger slice of the market.

So, how do you keep fuelling your business and attracting customers?

From cloud services to cat food, every business needs an effective lead generation strategy. Lead generation is one stream of demand generation and a way of locating the people who may be interested in your product and exposing them to your offerings.

This is the first step in a funnel that ushers them through a process. Some leads fall away, and others continue down the funnel to make a purchase.

The Best Ways of Generating Leads

There are an array of methods that you can use to generate leads, and the best ones to use will depend on your market and the people you need to attract.

For example, if most of your business comes from millennials, you need to go where they go and be where they are, i.e., the internet. Consider this when choosing from the best ways to generate leads:

  • Social media advertising and influencers.
  • Email marketing.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Content production (blogs, vlogs, and podcasts).
  • SEO optimization of your website.
  • LinkedIn Prospecting.
  • Utilizing appointment setting services.
  • Sales Development via Prospecting Calls or Inside Sales.

Many of these cross over into the domain of marketing; after all, both activities have similar objectives – but are not the same. However, just like marketing, you can also outsource lead generation to professional companies who can generate sales leads on your behalf much quicker and more effectively.

When outsourcing any type of lead generation, you must not only determine whether a company like SalesPro Leads, for example, specializes in B2C or B2B lead generation but also their niche. Most lead generation services will focus on one area, such as technology, telecommunications, or other industries.

The Number One Mistake in Lead Generation  

One of the biggest mistake that a business can make is to establish a lead generation tactic and then forget about it in the hope that leads will keep on coming.

Monitoring how your lead generation strategy is performing will enable you to find out which methods are worth the investment of time and money and which need improving. This may be done using analytic tools and software that let you know where your current leads are coming from.

Keeping Hold of the Lead

Lead generation is the first step in the process of making a sale. Finding your market and gaining their interest is crucial, but your efforts go to waste if you don’t maintain their interest through lead nurturing.

Sometimes low sales figures can be due to a poorly crafted sales funnel rather than poor lead generation. This is one of the differences between marketing and lead generation. While lead generation fills the top of the funnel, marketing is ongoing and present throughout the funnel. Ask yourself whether your business doesn’t attract enough interest or doesn’t convert enough interest.

If it’s the former you may need to work on your lead generation strategy and start monitoring your current performance to identify improvements.

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