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Leveraging AI to Grow Your Business: 5 AI-powered Tools That You Need to Get for Your Business

If you’re building a business, there are different aspects you need to improve to get results -and with the current rate of technological advances and digital adoption, you need all the help you can get to improve these results.

In this blog post, we’re going to be talking about artificial intelligence (AI). More specifically, how to leverage AI to grow your business and 5 AI-powered tools that you need to get for your business.

You’ve probably heard of all the doom stories of how AI could get out of control and become our enemies.

But forget that for a moment and look at it in another direction. Let’s talk about now: how can AI help your business grow in the nearest future?

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of B2B companies will use AI to support at least one of their primary sales processes. Will your business take advantage of AI?

Some AI-powered tools have been created over the years to help businesses improve their processes to gain more customers and make more profits.

In this article, I’ll show you 5 AI-powered tools you need to use for your business and how they can bring about growth.

1. CliClap

Acquiring leads is a vital point in the process of gaining customers. Now, there are 2 major problems when it comes to acquiring leads:

  • Having a low number of leads
  • Acquiring low-quality leads

In both cases, you’ll waste time and resources with little results to show. And even worse in the second case as leads spend time in your sales funnel only to fall out without becoming customers.

CliClap is a platform that helps with solving both problems in a single swoop. It helps you deliver more leads for your business through personalized experiences and content, and ensures they’re qualified leads who are likely to become customers.

How does CliClap achieve this?

It uses artificial intelligence to predict and apply the next best action for each visitor.
For example – their algorithm can predict if a visitor who has already been on your product page and now reading your new blog will more likely be interested in reading your e-book. The predictions are shown as an overlay widget at the bottom of the page, helping you keep your visitors longer on your site while nurturing them and driving them down the funnel towards conversion.

When CliClap identifies a visitor is “hot” and likely to convert, it will engage with them and try to convert the visitor to a lead, using their goal widget.

One of their best features includes the ability to engage with visitors inside a PDF file; through this process, CliClap determines quality leads and nurtures them with personalized content they’re likely to engage with:

Personalization is becoming increasingly important and clearly, a powerful tool for converting more users; just look at Amazon as an example: much of its impressive success is owed to the level of personalization they were able to deliver to customers.

This holds true with content too, especially considering how much content people are being bombarded with online; instead of doing the same, you can use AI technology to deliver better, more personalized content to all your visitors and leads.

Apart from helping you generate more qualified leads, this tool also integrates with other tools like Marketo and Hubspot, helping turn these leads into customers faster and more efficiently.

To even make your lead acquisition more effective, CliClap provides insights into inbound activities that are bringing results for your business (including insights on reading time of PDFs).

2. Agent.ai

Customer service has become more important over the years. If you treat your customers well today, you’ll read about it tomorrow online. And this helps you to build a better reputation and attract more customers.

Important elements of great customer service are providing fast responses and accurate answers to your visitors’ queries. In fact, in a survey, consumers say one of the biggest potential benefits of chatbots is instant responses.

To put it simply, if potential buyers fail to get answers to their queries on time, they’ll bounce from your website to your competitor’s. This is where Agent.ai comes in. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help your customer service reps and also to provide answers to customers’ queries.

Agent.ai helps to improve your customer service through its 2 main tools:

  • Co-Pilot
  • Auto-Pilot

The co-pilot assists your customer service agents in answering user queries. When a customer asks a question, the co-pilot provides recommended answers to your agents.

If an answer is correct, the agent can send it directly to the customer. There are also options to personalize the message for the user or mark the answer as incorrect to the question.

During this process, Agent.ai uses artificial intelligence to learn about the right answers to questions about your business. After a while, you can use the auto-pilot to answer most common questions your website visitors might have.

3. Text Optimizer

Getting traffic from search engines is vital for any business. Because it’s the biggest source of targeted traffic to your website. After all, these are visitors coming to your website after searching for a term relevant to your services.

With valuable content, you’re likely to convert these visitors to leads and customers. But ranking for valuable search terms is difficult. You’re probably facing stiff competition from competitors who may have more authoritative websites.

Sure, you’ve read countless guides on how to optimize your content to rank for your target keywords. However, Text Optimizer goes about it from another angle.

Using artificial intelligence, it analyses pages currently ranking for a keyword and then find words that are common to these pages. It then suggests that you integrate these words into your content to help you rank higher for your target keyword.

This tool provides details like optimization score for a target keyword, how well-formatted your text is, your content ideal audience, and others. You can also get content ideas when you discover the questions people ask about a particular keyword.

To use this tool, you need to enter a website address you want to optimize or text into the editor. Initially, the tool will show you the topics your content is addressing. You can then enter the target keyword you want this piece of content to rank for.

4. Boomtrain (ZetaHub)

Moving prospects from the top of your sales funnel to the bottom is no easy task. Inevitably, some of your leads will fail to become customers. But with intelligence about their actions, interests, and possible future actions, you can turn more of your leads into customers.

Boomtrain (now ZetaHub as part of Zeta Global) provides the intelligence you need about prospects from various marketing channels. From this intelligence, you can create and send personalized messages to each prospect to increase your chances of conversion.

The AI-powered insights give you details about each customer. You have access to details like prospects to send a particular offer to, how to present your offer, and when to deliver this offer.

Boomtrain (ZetaHub) provides omnichannel marketing tools, which allows you to reach individuals across various marketing channels. You can utilize channels like email, live chat, SMS, app, personalized website content, and other channels depending on an individual prospect’s preferred channels.

The major benefit here is that you can automate this process by creating dynamic segments and setting triggered messages based on your conditions. It also integrates with email marketing and marketing automation platforms to ensure a proper flow of data.

5. Kenshoo

When you spend money on advertisements, you want to get returns in terms of customers gained and revenue. However, there’s no guaranty of this.

Kenshoo helps you get the best out of your advertising efforts. This tool uses artificial intelligence to find the best fit for your advertisements across search, social, ecommerce, and apps.

Kenshoo considers intent while targeting or retargeting an audience to ensure that businesses find qualified leads and customers through their advertising campaigns. Furthermore, it allows you to set goals for your campaigns and track your progress using its custom metrics and reporting tools.

In your reports, Kenshoo provides recommendations that you can follow to improve your campaigns across various channels.

Apart from that, it provides marketing intelligence and data insights that help provide models to improve conversions and reliable forecasts. This means you have an idea of possible returns while making changes to your campaigns.

Artificial intelligence can get extensive data about your business processes and use this data to improve your results in the future. If you’re struggling with an aspect of marketing your business, you can use the relevant tool to boost your performance.

And even better, you can combine 2 or more as they help to improve different aspects of your marketing.

Written by Lilach Bullock.

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