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Brilliant Train Journeys In Asia For The Adventurous Traveler

Traveling by train always opens up new opportunities brings out the adventurous eye and brings out a new outlook on life. The same landscapes which you see over a car or by a walk can look quite appealing and beautiful when watched through a train window.

Asia, in particular, has a great railway line all over it to bring a mesmerizing experience for the traveler who loves adventure. Here is the list of brilliant train journeys in Asia which a global wanderlust can never afford to miss:

  1. The Silk Road: Beijing to Moscow:  Travel through the trails of historic traveler Marco Polo in the world’s greatest trade routes in this train pathway. The luxurious Golden Eagle and first-class Shangri La express train brings the best experience in this journey.  One can transport back in time and cruise through five countries in this route.
  2. Caspian Odyssey: Ancient Silk Road: Go around Central Asia along the ancient silk route which western travelers have seen quite less. Embracet the luxury of traveling in train through the Caspian Sea lands for a memorable experience.
  3. Mumbai to Hyderabad: Madras Mail: To explore the best of southern India through train travel, get into this route. Enjoy the stunning coastlines of India and mesmerizing historical sites as well. The luxurious Deccan Odyssey takes you from Mumbai to Chennai- the two historic port cities of India.  The train journey opens a way to tranquility, peace, and exotic feel.

  4. Mumbai to Kolkata: Darjeeling Mail: Travel through the breathtaking views of the Himalayas from the hill plantations, explore the vivid bazaars of Delhi, watch the sunrise of the sacred Ganges in Varanasi and the incomparable Taj Mahal in Agra during this trip.  Mumbai and Kolkata, of course, have a long history and the traveler would love to explore the world heritage monuments in these two cities.

  5. Ulaanbaatar Express: Moscow to Ulaanbaatar:  This railway line is considered to be the highlights reel of the longer Trans- Siberian journey. Ulaan Bataar is a fantastic destination to visit and the landscape during the journey is quite adorable to look at.

  6. China and Tibet Rail Discovery: The Shangri La express is the most comfortable railway line in the world. Lhasa, the mystical capital of Tibet is must visit place.  This train journey enables travelers to the most remote places in the region. Also, experience the Tangula Pass which is 16,640 feet long- the world’s longest highway.

  7. Delhi to Mumbai: The Maharaja Express: To discover India’s exceptional heritage and history along with the exquisite architecture, travel in the Maharaja Express. Admire the world’s greatest monument Taj Mahal , stalk the elusive tiger in Ranthambore National Park and the sand dunes of The That Desert in Rajasthan.  This extraordinary journey is full of surprises and amazing delights for the global traveler.

  8. Bangkok to Singapore – Eastern and Oriental Express: This train journey provides a great introduction to four great cultures, revealed by glittering Thai Temples and Singapore’s exciting mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay architecture and cuisine.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Brilliant Train Journeys In Asia For The Adventurous Traveler
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