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Why Should You Boost Your Child To Study Subjects Of His Choice?

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For students, it is quite a common perception to think that the subjects which they may study in high school, might not be connected in any way with the higher level of education.

Just imagine the dilemma and trauma that a student may have to go through, should he be forced to undertake subjects of science, such as physics, chemistry and more, while he wishes to graduate in the field of journalism. Likewise, someone who wants to graduate in biochemistry may have no use for English and arts as his subjects in high school.

Why do students need to make the right choice?

In the opinion of many experts, it is highly important to let students take a real life view of the world beyond their school. Schooling is a struggle of juggle between homework, health, exams and what not. At this stage, no student can afford to make the mistake of choosing subjects, which have nothing to do with this career later.

As of today, the education system all around the world suffers from a major limitation. We are making our students spend on a lot of time in studying and working on stuff that has nothing to do with the world outside. While they should be preparing themselves to face the challenges that the real world holds for them, we are making them rote learn things, to earn grades which are probably meant to decorate their scholarly files and make no other difference.

This is where the role of parents fit in. While there is not much flexibility in the matter of choosing subjects according to a career that students wish to pursue, parents can ensure that they make the closest possible choice to their mainstream career. In order to be able to do so, students need to be given the liberty and freedom to make their decision about classes and subjects which they wish to pursue, with the support of their parents.

You will certainly find them engaging more with their study material, when they are immersed in something that they truly like themselves. In order to allow real learning for the real world out there, students need to be given real choices, which should rightfully enable them to pursue a course that they choose for themselves.

On the contrary, should students find themselves burdened with subjects which seem to be the right choice, or hold better reputation, the consequences might not be stellar. Every student performs according to his capabilities and if those capabilities are somehow limited by the expectations of parents and the society, it might be hard to expect the child to perform well.

Understanding the importance of parent’s support

The different minds and unique interests of students require support and acceptance and the one place where it should come from, are their parents. Thrusting your child with your choice, because you feel that it to be right, does not guarantee that your child may be able to perform good or even, up to the mark.

Nowadays, it is no surprise to see students failing in many classes. When this happens, the obvious thing to wonder is that the student may not be giving his best performance or might be lagging behind in making consistent efforts, while this may not even be the case. The truth is, these students shouldn’t even have been in this place at all, and had they been exactly where they were supposed to be, the problem of failure may not have even emerged.

Thus, it would be right to say that parents indeed have a greater role to play when it comes to their child’s choice of subjects in high school and thereafter.

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