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How To Choose Perfect Backpack For Trekking?

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A good backpack is an important gear for an enjoyable trekking experience. There are various factors which one should consider, such as size, comfort, capacity, material, and durability for purchasing the right backpack.

Let’s consider all these factors one at a time to understand how they can affect your trek and assist you in selecting the most suitable backpack at affordable price.

Waist Size: Most of the standard backpacks come with adjustable straps for accommodating different waist sizes. You may require custom made hip belt if your waist size measure falls below 26 inches or above 50 inches.

Volume Capacity: The holding capacity of your backpack is another crucial factor that you need to consider. The capacity of your rucksack is measured in liters. The size or volume of your backpack depends mainly on the duration and length of your trek. With longer treks, the volume of your backpacks should get bigger and bigger. For a 2-3 day trek, a backpack with 40-50 liters of capacity will be ideal. On the other hand, a 4-5 day trek requires a backpack with 50-70 liters of capacity and one with a duration of more than 8 days may demand volume about 70 liters and above.

Weight: Weight of the backpacks depends on their size and internal frame, which provides support to the back. Rucksacks come in different frames made from different materials. Hence, it is better to try on a backpack by adding weight for ensuring comfort and ease of handling.

Size of the Backpack

Size of your rucksack is a crucial factor for ensuring comfort during trekking. It is measured in length x height x width. The length of your bag should be equal to the length of your torso. The length of the torso is measured from vertebrae where your shoulders and neck meet to the top of your hip bone. Backpacks are available in various sizes to suit the requirements of the users. Here is a small guide to aid you in finding the right size of your backpack.

Backpack Size


Mountains and hilly regions are often susceptible to rainfall, mist, and sudden climate changes. Therefore, it is recommended to buy waterproof or semi-waterproof backpacks. You can also opt for rain cover if you don’t get a waterproof one, but there is always a risk of forgetting or losing it altogether. Opt for breathable material as there is no room between your back and backpack. It can lead to profuse sweating, which can seep in your bag. Furthermore, it becomes necessary to ensure the durability and quality of material that can sustain rough terrain and weather. Any material that is thick and lightweight is ideal for your backpack.

Padded Straps and Belts

Padded straps don’t dig into your shoulders and ensure comfort. Furthermore, padded straps reduce the chances of shoulder ache by inducing less pressure and weight on your shoulders. The padded belt keeps the backpack stable and causes less strain on the back.


Comfort is an essential factor while choosing a backpack. Once you have loaded your backpack with crucial supplies, adjusted the straps, and placed it where it belongs ask yourself this questions for ensuring comfort.

  • Does your backpack sit appropriately on your lower back?
  • Are straps comfortable against your body?
  • Is backpack pulling you back or down on your shoulders?
  • Are there enough belts and straps to provide you with the necessary support?

Whatever type of backpack you choose it should not jostle or shift from side-to-side.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - How To Choose Perfect Backpack For Trekking?
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