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The 10 Best Packing Tips For Beginner Backpackers On A Budget

If you’re thinking of backpacking in future or you’ve been backpacking for a while, chances are that you know how crucial packing light is. But that’s not it; in addition to light packing, there are plenty of other things to take care of, while you’re setting off on your backpacking journey!

Here are our top 10 backpacking tips that will not only save you from the major trouble of carrying a lot of weight, but also ensure that your experience is not only convenient and inexpensive, but also fulfilling.

The 10 Best Packing Tips For Beginner Backpackers On A Budget

1.Make a List

Making a list has two benefits: you’re unlikely to forget something essential and you have enough time to contemplate which items aren’t really essential, and which essential items have a lighter alternative. Begin your packing process days, or perhaps weeks before; this offers you time to craft an entire list, and purchase any extra things you would possibly need for your adventure.

2. Synthetic Clothes

When it comes to clothing, replace the relatively heavier cotton and denims with synthetic clothes. Not only synthetic clothes are lightweight and occupy very less space, they’re relatively more water resistant as well. Also, since, you’re very likely to pick up souvenirs and more clothes along the way, make sure you know that rolling is superior to folding your clothes, any day!

3. Maps
You’re mooning at an unknown place, and it is easier than you think to get lost. So, before you head out, we recommend you to download offline navigation for that area, from services like Google Maps. This doesn’t add any physical weight and it isn’t really a lot of effort, but you can count on it to take you out of a fix. Alternatively, only if you wish to, you can go for a physical map.

4. Budgeting

You need to make a very realistic budget, and you also need to make sure you are able to afford it even if you go a little overboard with your spending, which you’re more than likely to do. Make a list of things you’re likely to try, eat and experience at your venture and factor in how much they cost in addition to your basic daily-needs budget.  

5. Duct Tape

You can’t be backpacking without duct tape. Duct tape has unlimited usage as compared to its cost. Pack your duct tape roll around a bottle to save space.

6. Let Your Bank Know!

You have all the money in your bank that you’ve been saving up especially to go backpacking but there’s no point if your bank notices a “suspicious transaction” through your card in a strange part of the world, and immediately suspends your account. Your bank sure has good intentions, but this is a backpacker’s worst nightmare. Make sure you let your bank know the place and duration of your trip in advance to avoid being stranded without any money.

7.  Wash Your clothes On The Road

Laundry facilities are one of the best parts about staying in hostels. Sometimes your accommodations will have free laundry facilities which is, awesome! Anyway, you should wash and wear just a handful of outfits for the duration of even very long backpacking trips. This minimizes the weight you need to carry.

8. Tarp Instead of Tent

Tents weigh almost double than tarp, and they both essentially serve the same purpose, except that tarp costs less too! Use a tent only if budget is not an issue, as much as aesthetics is for you.

9.  Extra Bags

Well, if you want to organise your electronics then get yourself a stash of ziplock bags. Phone charger, laptop charger, adaptors, earphones – take extra plastic bags and use them to store electrical items, things for the journey home  like house keys, parking ticket, car keys, medication and other loose accessories. Also, definitely carry a few extra bags: totes, ziplocks, plastic bags, you never know when they could come handy!

10. Ask Locals for Suggestions

Be it cuisine, inexpensive clothing or the best convenience stores, do not be afraid to ask locals for guidance and suggestions, they know the place better than the internet!

Backpacking enables you to push your limits and drives you out of your zone of comfort. The best advice of all is to try everything and have no second thoughts. You won’t know it’s a bad idea if you don’t try!

Embrace everything that comes to you and you’ll find out so much about yourself and of course, be left with unbelievable stories.

Happy trails!!

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