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5 Facts about Wedding Gowns You Should Know


Weddings are a lavish affair. Good planning and good investment are both prerequisites for a memorable wedding. But that is not all that there is to it. A wedding is a lot about symbolism and the white wedding gown plays an important role.

Relax! This is not another article about shopping statistics and graphs. For a change, you will actually get to learn something from this one. In this article, I will tell you about some interesting facts that you might not have known about the bridal dress.

  1. The white wasn’t always white
    One might easily associate the white wedding gown to the American history. After all, it is the American fantasy factory that has fed us ideas about dream destination weddings and expensive gowns.
    You would be surprised to know that traditionally, in America, when girls were getting married, they wore their finest Sunday dress. It was not a white gown but the best dress that they had with them.
    The tradition of a white wedding dress started with Queen Victoria in 1840 when she married Prince Albert. Ever since then, brides wear white gowns to their weddings. It became a trend; white used to be a color that only the very rich could wear (on account of the cost associated with its maintenance).
  2. Passed down through generations
    The white wedding gown is seldom new. As tradition would have it, mothers generally pass on the dress to their daughters. This is done so that it may represent continuity with tradition and history. This is not a strict norm, and many brides, today, like to have their dresses custom-made.
    This takes up to twelve months in certain cases. The time spent is accommodated so that the bride has got time to get the adjustments done on her dress. This practice seems more practical than the passing on of dresses; body sizes might not remain the same over generations.
    This is why certain wedding dresses give off that vintage look. A well-preserved wedding dress might even be worth a fortune if the style is no longer available to be replicated in the market.
  3. Wedding dresses are hot
    NO! I do not mean it that manner. They are hot, literally. Owing to the multiple layers of the material, a bride can feel very warm inside one. Unless you decide to go for something quite plain and sheath-like, there is a very good chance that you are going to be sweating a lot.
    Many brides need antiperspirants to get through the day. Layer upon layer of clothing will give the insulation effect and even thin material may get too hot to handle. On top of that, if you are wearing something like a corset, you are in for a test of your will!
    The elegant look takes time and effort to create. After reading this, you might have gotten an idea as to why most people prefer to have their wedding in the winters!
  4. Wedding gowns take a lot of time to arrange
    It would be advisable that you carry a video camera with you to the store. The bustle of a bridal gown is very hard to imitate on your own if you do not know what you are doing. You can ask your mom or a friend to tag along and record it for you.
    Later on, you can use the same for getting ready. Usually, the bridesmaid helps the bride with it. Unless done properly, you might risk giving off the messy look instead of the elegant.
  5. White wedding gowns are symbolic of prosperity
    Wedding gowns are created the way they are so they may give the bride a lavish look. Frugal gowns are deemed tasteless because that is not what a wedding gown is supposed to represent. When it comes to the best attire, rich is the way to go.

Most people think that the color white is used to denote purity. Well, actually that is the job of the ‘something blue’ on the bride. The color blue is what they use to denote purity; white has always been for prosperity.

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