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6 Best Unique Wedding Business Ideas For 2019


The multi-billion-dollar wedding industry is rife with many profitable wedding business ideas. Weddings occur on almost a daily basis, and in the United States, $2.4 million weddings happen every year. Right now, the wedding industry makes a minimum annual revenue of $51 billion.

This tells us that couples today will rather have someone take on the stress of wedding planning. And they are willing to pay good money for it. From the wedding shower and down to honeymoon spring up lots of wedding service ideas.

You can tap into this, learn how to start a wedding business and make some spare money. If you’re up for it, read this post as wedding forward reviews some business ideas.

Wedding event planner

As far as good wedding ideas go, this is a great one. Every wedding needs a planner, whether full or part-time. A wedding planner is the ‘be all’ of a wedding. They make sure the program runs smoothly from beginning to the end. They are the chief organizers who run your theme and design your day according to wedding industry trends.

They find, assemble and manage vendors on the main day.  The carry a heavy burden as they make critical decisions on behalf of the couple. Planners ensure that the couple gets fair deals from vendors. They stand as middlemen between vendors and couple, couple and guests. Elimination of wedding stress from the couple is their job.

As a wedding planner, you stand to earn between $20,000 to $44,000 yearly. This depends on your expertise, and how many weddings you plan in a year.

Wedding favors business

The wedding favors business if for the absolutely creative and friendly. The ones who love meeting people and leaving a creative touch everywhere they go. The business of wedding favors is not seasonal. And fashion plus trends are constant in the wedding industry.

Favors begin from bridal showers where one can get the bride wedding monthly subscription boxes. It extends to a wedding where guests get favors like souvenir goodie bags. Etc. And down to honeymoon collection. There’s always something to do, as long as you got a loyal clientele.

The job is flexible, as one can either carve a niche or take a general approach. Creating wedding favors is also one of the best home wedding ideas. You can also run it from a physical office or online.


Wedding venue business

To start a wedding venue business is capital intensive. But if you succeed at it, you’d generate huge revenue. This means you’d take home about 30% of every wedding budget. And it depends how grand your place is.

Couples wouldn’t mind spending tons of money on places that have the following features.

  • Great location
  • Excellent security
  • Satisfactory seating capacity
  • Ample parking space.
  • Easy accessibility
  • Clear sound system
  • Comfortable convenience
  • Airy ambiance
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Ethereal backdrops, and more.

Creating such a dreamy masterpiece will be a hot cake, as couples will book in advance. The venue will help you make money. You’d also be able to cross-sell other wedding service ideas to intending couples.

Bridal wears business

Starting a bride business doesn’t require as much capital, depending on your approach. All a person dealing in bridals need is social media accounts, website, business lines, and some dresses. Put these dresses up on your social media accounts if you have a wide reach. If not, set up a website and put up pictures. Brides scavenge the internet looking for wedding dresses always.

While most will pay anything for their dream dress, some are on a budget. So, choose your niche. You may either run rentals or sell outright. You can also include suits and tux for men, tiaras, lingerie, shoes, racy lingerie, corsages, etc.

Running bridals that cater to the whole arsenal of the bride is always wiser. The brides can get more for fewer amounts, and save money. The seller, on the other hand, will sell more and make more money. This job is best for those who have eyes for design and current trends.

Wedding accessories business

Wedding dresses are only as beautiful as the accessories the brides have on. These accessories go a long way to either give a sound pop or diminish the dress’s beauty. Little wonder brides search for divine accessories to match that perfect dress.

Give brides that pleasure by running a one-stop hub for everything bridal accessories. From shoes to purses, tiaras to veils, earrings, necklaces, and even cosmetics. They’d get all in one place, quick and easy.

The other option for the creative ones is to make their own pieces of jewelry. If you’re gifted at making appealing pieces of jewelry, do so and get local shops to carry. Liaise with people in the wedding industry to display your work at trunk shows. Your client base will grow fast. Creating unique wedding accessory is one of the best wedding startups with potential for massive growth.

Wedding Decorations Business

Creating cool wedding decorations isn’t something one needs an office for. This is another of the viable home wedding ideas to consider. Create home space and set it up with a desk, yours and client chair, a desktop and phone. Sort out the issue of storage and also get a broad table for display.

Do thorough research to see the latest wedding industry trends for decorations. Then check out the business decor ideas of competitors close to you. This helps you determine how to approach the business. Decide on the kind of decor you’d love to focus on and wedding style. Go ahead to break them into packages with names and price tags. Make it stand out from the rest.

The last thing is to give the business a name recognizable anywhere, and you’re good to go.

Above are six wedding business ideas you can choose from. Start a business in the wedding industries and make money.

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