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10 Profitable Wedding-Related Small Business Ideas

If you don’t have the interest in planning wedding events, but would still like to be a part of weddings (as a service provider), get in touch with wedding planners! They are always in need of vendors. Here are several ideas you can use that will get your creative juices flowing while fattening your wallet (provided your business/service is top-notch).

  1. Videographer

Do you enjoy filming movies in your spare time? Many couples are in dire need of “just the right” videographer to document their beautiful day. Weddings are unique: they demand something more than cheap iPhone or Android-camera shots. This choice is particularly useful for post-production techies who get a thrill out of adding Hollywood-like intros, lower thirds, SFX and color grading.

  1. Shower Planner

Planning bridal showers is just as important as the wedding itself. You can cater them, prepare the showers themselves, offer decorating services or even rent out venues. There is no shortage of gifts you can provide to brides-to-be and their bridesmaids: rice bags, flowers, candles, vases, place-holders, the works!

  1. Proposal Planner

Sadly, many men lack creativity (or romanticism) when it comes to proposing. On the other hand, a lot of them are merely nervous about proposing at just the right moment with the perfect words to say. Whatever the case, helping them craft a stunning proposal, you can help many grooms-to-be entirely melt their darlings’ hearts. (This is a bonus especially if you’re the creative type.)

  1. Gift Registry

People have trouble buying gifts for happy couples. By creating a central gift registry (using your products or services), you can alleviate a headache even by using a wedding app. Offering to wrap gifts for friends/families of beloved couples may also be an option.

  1. Makeup Artist

Do you enjoy applying makeup? Fancy yourself an “artiste of the face”? Both brides and bridesmaids simply must look their radiating-best on this monumental day. Can you contour with the best of them? Know every brand of lipstick (even those released an hour ago)? Why not consider starting a makeup business for brides!

  1. Wedding Calligrapher

The beauty of calligraphy is in the details. Calligraphy offers a simple, elegant appreciation of the more beautiful things of life. Calligraphy is about as traditional and serene as handwriting can get. If you have a penchant for this almost-lost artform, consider designing envelopes, cards or menus for couples.

  1. Caterer

People who like to cook know how to cook – and don’t let anybody tell them otherwise. Luckily, if you’re one of the few chefs whom everyone in your town raves over, you might have what it takes to be a caterer for large weddings. Google your local area for rental/kitchen supply places that let you rent food-warmers, plates, etc.

  1. Flower-Arranging

There’s something about a wedding bouquet that screams “We’ll forever together.” Flower-arranging (or becoming a florist) is right up your alley if you have a certain knack for floral decorations. (Special bonus if you have a green thumb!)

  1. Bridal Registries

Almost $19 billion is spent each year on bridal registries. Does that sound like a profitable venture for you? By starting a bridal registry online, you can give smaller retailers in your local area a “leg up” on their competition. That way, excited brides don’t have to shop the whole world over to find what they crave: your registry provides their needs.

  1. Invitations & Stationery

Have you mastered Photoshop, Corel or even GIMP? Consider designing e-vites (or real invitation cards) for excited couples! This builds tremendous goodwill in your community – particularly if there are a lot of couples willing to tie the knot. (This field is just right for you if you have a creative flair for design.)

This is just the beginning of 10 fields you can launch into! The wedding industry (alone) creates $55 billion in revenue a year. Clearly, with your entrepreneurial cap snug on your skull, you can get into this lucrative venture without sacrificing your creative capabilities.

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