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Fashion: How to Choose Stylish Men’s Wedding Bands

The main jewelry item that some men wear is their wedding bands.

Since a wedding ring is something that you are likely to wear frequently, you need to choose a stylish, comfortable and durable ring that suits your taste and preference.

Visit various jewelers and view their section of bands whole considering the styles and metals that you like as you shop.


A budget forms the foundation of the process of buying a wedding band. Determine the price range that your budget can accommodate. If you are trying to cut down on costs or are working with a tighter budget, you can still find affordable rings without compromising on quality and visual appeal. 

Minimal embellishments, gemstones, engraving and thinner bands tend to cost less along with metals such as tungsten and silver. If you are ready and willing to splurge on your wedding band, you can invest in extra details your ring. Platinum and titanium are among the luxurious metals that you can choose from.

Jobs and Hobbies

It is important to think about your career when or hobbies when looking for a wedding band as well as your hobbies. If your job is physical or involves a considerable amount of manual labor, you require a ring that can handle this type of environment.

You also need a strong ring if you are an active person who plays sports or mechanical work. Examples of metals that can withstand such conditions include tungsten and titanium.

If your job or hobbies do expose your ring to the risk of being dented or scratched, consider metals such as platinum and gold. It is important to note that bands that feature a shinier finish are more prone to showing signs of scratches than those with the matte finish.

Personal Taste

Pay attention to details and features that reflect your personal taste. Some men prefer gold, while others like platinum. Wedding bands may be thick or thin and you can opt for a plain ring or something with decorative elements, engraving or gemstones.

If you have sensitive skin a hypoallergenic metal such as tungsten is the ideal choice.

Fit and Comfort

Make sure you test your ring to determine whether or not it is comfortable and the fit is right. Curved rings are generally more comfortable than those that have flat interiors. Everyone should try on their wedding rings before the big day.

Quick Tips

  • It is advisable to buy your wedding band as early as you can and at least a few months before your wedding ceremony. This gives you an adequate amount of time to adjust the fit or change the style.
  • Grooms should have their rings measured regardless of whether they know their ring sizes or not. The measuring process may vary with different jewelers. The jeweler providing your ring should measure your ring size.
  • A wedding band will be your companion for years to come and serves as an important symbol of your commitment and fashion style. Choose a ring that you can look forward to each day and cherish for the rest of your life.

Written by: Walter Moore is a freelance writer who enjoys cooking, swimming and taking long brisk walks during his free time. He describes himself as a friendly, hardworking and reliable individual. Visit Men’s Wedding to view a variety of rings.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Fashion: How to Choose Stylish Men’s Wedding Bands
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