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5 Things To Not Wear When Attending A Wedding

A Wedding is a perfect occasion to show off your fashion sense. I understand the excitement to gussy up for the special occasion and get admirers. However, we often get swayed away by our emotions, resulting in we committing fashion blunders, which must be absolutely avoided in a wedding—because everyone will talk about them during and after the wedding.

There are many things you must avoid wearing to a wedding. I can go on writing about the same, but I must narrow it down to the top few of them. In this list, you will find 5 such mentions which can make you a subject of sheer laugh and gossip unless avoided. So, let us quickly take a look at them.

White? No Way!

You have to understand that white is the colour of the bride, not yours. You may look fabulous in white, but sadly, you must not don that colour when attending a wedding. Also, when I say white, I mean all its variants such as off-white.

In case you cannot do without white at all, then I suggest that you couple your white dress with some light pastels so that people can identify who the bride is and who is not. But, it will be all easier for you if you just avoided white for ONE DAY.

Denim Is A Big No

Come on, who wears denim to weddings? Unless the dress code is denim, do not go out wearing your best of denim outfits. The thing about denim is that they stand out very much, and hence, can draw attention—and not in a good way, honestly.

Switch to well-ironed pants or dresses, in case you are confused. Keep it casual only when the occasion demands so. Denim, as a matter of fact, are styled to keep it casual, and hence, not right for weddings.

Think About the Groom! No Black Tuxedo!

It is as important to not out-fashion the bride as the groom and it is, therefore, advised that black tuxedos should be left for the groom to wear because it is his big day, not yours!

I suggest that you opt for a well-ironed suit or a simple but dashing blazer to top your outfit. Just keep it mellow because a single fashion exaggeration will be noticed by all—and you won’t want that! 

Let me say this once again: Do not steal the groom’s thunder.

Do Not Reveal Too Much Skin

I don’t think I should be telling you this, but when I saw a post on most ridiculous bridal dresses, I thought that this is really important. You must dress appropriately for the occasion, which in this case is a wedding.

Avoid outfits which are too revealing. Do not wear your fanciest cocktail dress and switch to longer and skin-covering dresses running up till knee. In case you are attending a tropical wedding, I understand the urge to wear the minimum—but, a wedding is a wedding and there are rules and conventions. I suggest that you go for light-coloured dresses made of light fabrics. If it is a winter wedding, do not overdress. A good shawl will help you from cold and make you look classy too.

The rules apply to men as well. Do not go to weddings sporting your favourite jeans. Wear a well-tailored shirt and a crease-free pair of pants to look good. Also, do not overdo your hair; keep them simple and well-kept.

Too Flashy Or Too Bright

I have been asking you to mellow down in this article again and again, but I must remind you again to keep it simple and not too loud.

Girls, it is suggested that you avoid anything which is flashy, sparkly or see-through. A little shimmer would do, but that is it! Also, avoid animal prints—because they are too loud and draw a lot of attention. What about guys? Of course, these rules apply to them as well. Do not be too aggressive in your fashion choices. A simple combination of black and white can make you look absolutely stunning. Whatever choices you make, ensure that they are formal and perfectly fitted to your body.   

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