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Wedding Destinations: Best Places In Europe To Get Married

If you were on the lookout for culture, heritage, class, and beauty all in one place, you could virtually head out to any destination in Europe and be mesmerized by it. Of course, if you were in the lookout for the aforementioned aspects you are most probably looking for a place to get married.

Destination weddings have been in existence for a while now, and by the looks of it, they are here to stay. What’s more, if you are in control of a well-reputed syndicate (which is why you read CEOWORLD magazine), you would want a destination that is uncompromising in culture, heritage, class, and beauty to celebrate your big day. This article is about just that.

From a cozy private island in the Mediterranean to an Italian villa overlooking the Amalfi Coast, there are a great deal of luxurious wedding destinations all over Europe. To help you with your wedding planning, CEOWORLD magazine compiled a Destination Wedding Ranking guide, analyzing dozens of European destinations: where couples are getting hitched far from home. Nearly 1 in 4 couples who married in 2018 — 24 percent — considered their wedding a destination wedding. Among those who opted for a destination wedding, 12% also held a second celebration close to home, according to the survey.

Here are 7 of the most extravagant wedding destinations from around the world:

  1. Tuscany (Italy)
    Italian flavors in a laid back Italian town. If Italian cuisine (especially the wine) is what tantalises you, this place is like no other. Tuscany offers you the Italian countryside like no other, and because it has been hosting weddings and public affairs for a while now, there is no shortage of wedding venues and farmhouses to choose from for your big day. What remains constant though, is the surreal landscape, classic Italian romanticism and a good dose of culture. Just what the doctor ordered.
  2. Paris (France)
    Need we say more? Despite the fact that this place is now almost cliched to the point of being normal, there is no doubting the fact that Paris still holds its charm and romance even after so many centuries. It is THE place to be if nothing else works, and even then, it will never seem to anyone that you didn’t have a lot of choices. The Eiffel Tower is one thing, and if the homework is done right, the smorgasbord of hotels, villas, restaurants, parks and what not will leave you exhausted with choices. Paris is the city of love. Every time you visit it, you will have a different reason to justify that statement.
  3. Venice (Italy)
    This is another addition in our list from Italy simply because it is a city like no other. Apart from being a crazy tourist destination for everyone around the globe, Venice’s unique setting also means that it is one of the finest places in Europe to tie the knot. Filled to the brim with Italian cuisine, culture, and idiosyncrasies, Venice is one place you have to check out when you’re on the wild hunt of celebrating the biggest day of your life.
  4. Oxararfoss Waterfall (Iceland)
    This is for those of us who love the open nature and what beauty mother nature can bestow at its finest. You do need to drive for a bit from the nearest town of Reykjavik but the experience is something to behold. Around the waterfall, there is a quaint chapel where all the seating and hospitality can take place, and this being Iceland, you can be sure you will see some mesmerizing sunsets.
  5. Aman Sveti Stefan (Montenegro)
    This is one of the most romantic places to get married. The Aman Sveti Stefan is a small private island in the Adriatic Sea housing a majestic coastal resort. This place was built specifically for nuptial events because of its extremely beautiful natural vistas and a fair share of Hollywood style romantic settings. The icing on the cake is the fact that not all of people know about this place (yet), and that makes it all the more untouched and surreal.
  6. Benagil Cave (Portugal)
    This is another of those locations that not a lot of people know about and hence provides you with a fresh natural setting for your big day. There are many convenient modes of transport that you can use to get to the Benagil Cave, but the easiest and the most spectacular is to just drive out to it. Public amenities and luxuries are close by and it is recommended that you either tie the knot in the morning or the evening to get the best shots of the sun, the sand, and the sea.
  7. Cochem Castle (Germany)
    If you are the type who likes big castles and Roman mysticism in your wedding photo album, this is absolutely the place to be. The Cochem Castle will provide you with one of the grandest wedding locations in all of Europe. It is a place where if you splurge right, you can make the event memorable not just for yourself and your love, but for everyone you’ve invited to attend your big day. The castle offers various designs of banquet halls, medieval style turrets and beautiful vistas around the River Mosel to choose from. This one is unmissable if you’ve got the moolah for it.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Wedding Destinations: Best Places In Europe To Get Married
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