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Vinod Gupta
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CEO Spotlight: Vinod Gupta, Managing Partner of Everest Group

Vinod Gupta is an Indian-born American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Moving to the United States with $58 to his name and starting his company with a $100 loan. Overall, Vinod has donated over $50 million to numerous philanthropic endeavors, earning praise by many leaders for his contributions and is currently...
Kyrylo Shevchenko, CEO at Ukrgasbank
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CEO Spotlight: We Did Not Want To Be “a Dime a Dozen,” Our Goal Is Uniqueness – Kyrylo Shevchenko

In the consumers' minds, the state-owned Ukrgasbank is already inextricably associated with environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. And its staff has already become real experts in this field – they advise not only on financing but also on how and with whom their customers can start an eco-project. The Bank...
Amir Farhand
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CEO Spotlight: Amir Farhand of Soar Talks About His Vision to Build the World’s ‘Living’ Map Using Drones and Satellite Imagery

The next evolution of mapping systems is upon us. That’s the message of Amir Farhand, the brains behind blockchain-based mapping platform Soar. The Australian entrepreneur and inventor are on a mission to build a “living map” of the world, one high-resolution image at a time. And he wants your help....
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