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Mental Health, Passion, and Confidence: The Building Blocks for Stable Leadership

At work and at home, the facets that are vital to success are mental health, passion, and self-confidence. Each bleeds into and informs the others. Just like it’s hard to have a good day at work if your home life is suffering, as it is with mental health, confidence, and passion. All three work in tandem with and affect each other. The good news is, while focusing on one of these competencies, you will tend to notice an up-spike in the other two.

We caught up with Cory Williams, founder and CEO of both Epic Health Partners and Epic Health, to learn about why mental health, finding your passion, and self-confidence are so important for CEOs and business owners. Read on to discover what each category means and how you can apply them to your work and home life.

Mental Health

Mental health, as a whole, is a complex system, because everyone is different. Luckily, for right now, you just need to worry about yourself.

Everyone has bad days. If you feel that the advice given here doesn’t cut it because your days seem to be worse than others, please seek out a medical professional.

“Begin by taking stock. Ask yourself how you are feeling, and listen to your answer. You don’t have to tell anyone, you just need to be honest with yourself. Awareness is half the battle. Try to look inward when things bother you at work,” said Williams. “Did your teammate’s passive-aggressive comment really have an underlying negative message, or are you just tired? Try to find reasons behind your feelings, without overanalyzing.”

Williams went on to give us some ideas for practical ways to increase our mental health, such as daily meditation (he recommends the HeadSpace app), going for walks, journaling, and talking to your friends and family.

“Another key thing that I find helps exponentially when it comes to mental health at work is to cut the gossip!” he said. “If you find yourself gathering with your business partners or close teammates around the proverbial water cooler to complain about the same things every day, you are going to invent a self-fulfilling prophecy and confirmation bias for yourself. Every tiny thing will now serve to confirm your negative thoughts.”

Try to remember how you felt when you first started this company. Everything was shiny and new, and nothing could get you down — you were excited and you shared that excitement with others. When you feel the urge to share some bad-mouthing, try to share a laugh instead. For some people, this change happens instantly, while for others, it takes some time. Just keep at it.

Finding Your Passion

If you started your business from a particular passionate idea (or maybe you are passionate about profits, we don’t judge), your passion may have quickly become your dullest work overtime, without you realizing what was happening. If this makes you lament your loss of passion and drive, don’t fret. You just have to find a new one.

“Passion constitutes almost everything we do, in a way. If you’re passionate that you hate doing laundry, you are going to passionately watch Netflix — even if it feels more like dull procrastination. What I’m saying is that there is no shortage of passion within you, but you must find a way to turn your hatred of home chores into something productive that is truly just for you,” Williams proclaimed. “You built your business or climbed your way to the top for YOU, because you were passionate. Now that it’s part of your everyday life and you share it with your subordinates, you must find something new, something just for you.”

Maybe that’s underwater basket weaving, spin classes, or creative writing. Think back to your childhood and uncover lost joys. Your mental health and workplace culture will reap the benefits.


The beauty and pain of self-confidence lie in the fact that it is almost impossible to nurture if we are consciously thinking about it. When a person goes to the gym to lose weight or dyes their hair to feel more beautiful, most go one of two ways: They either feel a confidence boost from their actions, or they compare themselves to others.

Neither is beneficial when trying to build true self-confidence because the high will fade and comparison is the theft of joy, as they say.

Instead, be mindful.

“Self-confidence will become a part of who you are while you focus on your mental health and passions,” said Williams. “People seem instantly more beautiful and talented when they radiate from the inside. So instead of trying to chase down fabricated confidence, focus on yourself as you are. The rest will come.”

Mental health, passion, and self-confidence are the building blocks to a stable life as a CEO or entrepreneur. And to be stable is to ensure that your legacy will not falter.

About Cory Williams

Cory Williams is an Entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder of Epic Health Partners, Epic Health, Epic Management Group, C&E Holdings, and a board member of the Raleigh, NC-based Tammy Lynn Center. Cory is a dedicated mental health awareness advocate and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information on Cory visit

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