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Alexander Spellane
CEO Spotlight

Alexander Spellane Champions Stability in Investment Through Gold Amid Global Economic Flux

CEO of Fisher Capital, Alexander Spellane's Approach to Gold Investment in Turbulent Times: Amidst the digital investment frenzy that spans from cryptocurrencies to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there remains a steadfast presence of traditional asset classes, symbolizing stability and resilience. Gold, with its illustrious history as a safe haven during economic upheavals—most...
Robert T. Hastings
CEO Spotlight

A Leader Forged Through Service: Robert T. Hastings on Leadership, Strategic Communications and Shaping Perceptions

For more than 25 years, Robert T. Hastings has been a leader in strategic communications and marketing - helping shape narratives and drive important conversations across military, government, and corporate environments. Today, he leads his own consultancy firm, Robert Hastings & Associates, providing C-Suite advisory services for the aerospace, defense,...
Priscilla Liu, Associate at Hellman & Friedman
CEO Spotlight

Uncertain Waters: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Private Equity with Associate Priscilla Liu

The private equity market remains a dynamic and influential sector in global finance, focusing on privately held companies to generate long-term returns. Despite occasional market fluctuations and regulatory hurdles, the private equity landscape continues to offer investors diverse avenues for creating value and realizing capital growth. According to Bain’s Global...
Khadisha Ussenbayeva
CEO Spotlight

Major companies aim to reach zero emissions by 2050 – Khadisha Ussenbayeva on the future of the oil and gas industry

Lately, major oil companies have dealt with a challenging business environment caused by the pandemic and international relations. In such an environment, companies have been forced to reduce capital expenditures while coming under pressure from investors who expect not only for increased profitability, but also for improved environmental, social performance...
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