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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Rudy Kusuma’s Unique Approach to Real Estate: How He Sets His Agents Up for Success

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Rudy Kusuma’s Unique Approach to Real Estate: How He Sets His Agents Up for Success

Rudy Kusuma’s unique approach to real estate sales sets Your Home Sold Guaranteed apart from its competitors in a significantly quantifiable way. He empowers his realtors with the tools they need to succeed in a way that actually benefits clients as well, rather than taking advantage of them (in a commission-based industry, this can sometimes happen).

Based in California, Your Home Sold Guaranteed is the premier choice for prospective home buyers because this unique brokerage has the means to show its clients every home on the market, not just what is listed on the MLS. He puts his agents and clients first believing everyone needs help and that working as a team is the most efficient way to get things done.

Rudy Kusuma’s Background Story

Kusuma started his career the way many of us do, by cold-calling and knocking on doors. He got his real estate license in 2007, but was on the verge of a major burnout. He decided to take a step back and reflect on his efforts, which led him to create the Quantum Leap System. This system helps to compartmentalize and delegate tasks, making the job of a real estate professional extremely easy.

At the same time, Kusuma worked at Coldwell Banker.

“If you’re a one-person show and you think you can do all these jobs, you’re going to burn out. Machines don’t get sick, but people do,” said Kusuma. “I know I’ve said it before, but I always think I need to repeat it: the solo agent model is obsolete.”

Kusuma now uses the Quantum Leap System to help his real estate agents develop their own $4M GCI teams.

“It’s all about the value. The more you add value for people, the more money you’ll make,” he stated. “The solo agent model is impossible, but the Quantum Leap System helps agents build teams that can do said ‘impossible.’”

The real estate empire of California uses ‘reverse prospecting’ to succeed. This strategy deems cold-calls and door knocking obsolete, opting instead to advertise an investors game night. Because of this tactic, Kusuma found 15 new clients in one evening and began his journey as a business leader, because he had to hire staff to fulfill his new clients’ needs!

Remember his aforementioned career at Coldwell Banker? He decided to use his place of employment as a pool for hiring new recruits, under the guise of ‘sharing the load’. And his real estate team was born.

What Sets Your Home Sold Guaranteed Apart

The name of Kusuma’s company, Your Home Sold Guaranteed, is his ‘Unique Selling Proposition’, or USP — a feature all successful businesses should have. The company allows for risk reversal and guarantees that clients homes will sell. If they do not, Kusuma sells it for free.

He taught his agents how to ‘reverse prospect’, attract new and better clients, and efficiency techniques. He wanted his team to work smarter, not harder, and use various systems to ensure they are able to perform at optimum levels without burning out.

The Quantum Leap System is one of these systems. By delegating and compartmentalizing tasks, Kusuma is able to let his agents share each others’ workloads, thereby increasing productivity — just one of the many ways he puts his agents first.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed grew in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years under Kusuma’s humanitarian leadership.

You might be wondering how Kusuma’s team is able to show their clients every home available without being ‘married’ to the MLS. Kusuma pays a one dollar commission on every home sold to his agents. Many agents see this and think, “One dollar?! Why would I want to work somewhere that only pays me one dollar per house I sell?!” But the secret is this: Kusuma teaches his agents to set, negotiate, and collect their own fees.

In other words, agents under Your Home Sold Guaranteed choose their commission structure for themselves, laying it out to their clients as a fee. An agent might tell a client that they will take a 3% commission for their work, but they might tell a different client a higher or lower percentage.

This flexibility is amazing for agents and clients, because it is negotiable from both sides. Because the MLS doesn’t deem the agents’ commissions, agents are free to show their clients homes from all over the internet, such as Facebook groups, as well as homes they find from literally hitting the pavement — there are lots of homes for sale that are so good they never even make it to the web.

“Because we focus on reverse prospecting, our focus is only on serving the client,” said Kusuma. “Most real estate agents spend 70-80% of their time prospecting, but that’s not normal for most other industries. I started to figure out how to attract customers instead of chasing them.”

About Rudy Kusuma: Rudy Kusuma, founder, and CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed, is the “Real Estate Agent Millionaire-Maker” who helps real estate agents develop their own $4 million GCI teams. He has been featured in Inc. magazine and has co-authored two best-selling books. 

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Rudy Kusuma’s Unique Approach to Real Estate: How He Sets His Agents Up for Success
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