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Soniya Hinduja

Soniya Hinduja

Soniya Hinduja is Sr. News Editor at the CEOWORLD magazine News Desk. Keeping you abreast of the news and resources that will help you succeed in business.
CEO Spotlight

An Introduction To Some Of The World’s Richest

How much money is too much money? Throughout history, there have been wealthy people, but with the rise in the number of businesses recently, the wealth of nations and individuals has gone up manifold. Today, we have businessmen who are worth more than the economies of some small nations. In...
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Top 5 Most Luxurious Houses In Toronto

Toronto is among the warmest cities in Canada. The financial capital of the country generates about one-fifth of its GDP. So, you have adequate opportunities to make money in Toronto. You’ll find open parks and schools within a stone’s throw of downtown. Toronto’s multicultural identity with its economic stature makes...
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