Soniya Hinduja

Soniya Hinduja

Soniya Hinduja is Sr. News Editor at the CEOWORLD magazine News Desk. Keeping you abreast of the news and resources that will help you succeed in business.
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Most Popular Universities To Study Fine Arts

Fine Arts are those art forms that require the artist's imagination and creativity to produce a work of art. The term "Fine Arts" encompasses the visual arts, such as painting and sculpture, and the performing arts, such as music and dance. Many colleges of Fine Arts offer programs in the...
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The Top 10 Happiest Cities In The World

Regarding lifestyle, happiness is one of the most sought-after qualities. People often associate happiness with the place they call home, and it's no surprise that many of us strive to live in the happiest cities in the world. The happiness index is a metric used to measure the overall well-being...
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