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Top 10 Richest Golf Player In The US For 2023 And Their Net Worth

Golf is the most favorable sport for reducing stress and maintaining overall health. It is also a fantastic way to spend time with friends and families outside. Apart from being famous for its various benefits, golf is one of the most profitable sports and a great way to earn money in endorsements.

This has led to countless golfers earning a vast sum of prize money for their efforts. Aside from becoming a great player and making a mark in history, this sport helps a player become enormously wealthier. Let us now check the names of the richest golfers in the US who have amassed a huge fanbase for themselves.

  1. Tiger Woods
    Net Worth: $800 Million 

    Tiger Woods is an active golfer who imprints his name in history as the topmost and wealthiest golfer of all time. He debuted in the mid-90s and soon became the most popular and victorious golfer. One of the prime reasons for this is his countless records and titles in different events that have earned him a name globally. 

  2. Arnold Palmer
    Net Worth: $700 Million 

    Arnold Palmer is also cited in the media as one of the most amazing golfers in history. He has been accredited with the title of “The King of Golf” for his astonishing performance. Apart from winning seven major titles and 62 PGA Tours events, Arnold has also left behind a rich legacy that has become a benchmark for budding golfers. 

  3. Jack Nicklaus
    Net Worth: $400 Million 

    Jack Nicklaus, well-known as “The Golden Bear,” is one of the greatest golfers. He began his golf career in 1961 and became a tremendously accomplished player. Jack was honored with the PGA Tour’s Lifetime Achievement Award for the countless wins he has achieved throughout his career. 

  4. Phil Mickelson
    Net Worth: $300 Million 

    Phil Mickelson, fondly nicknamed “Lefty,” has won numerous awards in his golf career. He debuted in his golf career in 1992 and set a record for one of only 17th golfers to acquire three of the four grand championships. 

  5. Fred Couples
    Net Worth: $120 Million 

    Fred Couples imprints his name in golf history for his remarkable performances. He has competed in both the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Championship and set a record of 50+ wins in his entire career, which sets him apart from his contemporaries. 

  6. Jordan Spieth
    Net Worth: $120 Million 

    Jordan Spieth competed on the PGA Tour and is well-reputed as a top golfer. Besides winning three major tournaments, Jordan also achieved the FedEx Cup championship in 2015. He is regarded as the youngest and 9th wealthiest golfer in the world. 

  7. Dustin Johnson
    Net Worth: $100 Million 

    Dustin Johnson is one of the most popular and wealthiest golfers in history. He holds the record of winning two major championships and is considered the first-ranked golfer globally for 64 weeks, the longest in history. 

  8. Jim Furyk
    Net Worth: $60 Million 

    Jim Furyk is one of the top-ranked golfers in the Official World Golf Ranking. He has competed in both the PGA Tour championship and PGA Tour and has several titles to his name, making him unique. 

  9. Davis Love
    Net Worth: $50 Million 

    Davis Love is another big name in golf history who has won about 21 championships in his career, comprising one major and other PGA Tour titles. He has been on the golf grid for over three decades and has won about two dozen championships. 

  10. Lee Trevino
    Net Worth: $50 Million 

    A Mexican-American golf player, Lee Trevino is one of the greatest. His record includes winning 92 professional, six major championships, and 29 PGA tours in his entire career. In 2000, Lee was 14th ranked the greatest sportsman by Golf Digest magazine. 


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Top 10 Richest Golf Player In The US For 2023 And Their Net Worth
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