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The Challenging Prospect of China’s Private Sector

On the policy paper, China does not discriminate against the development of the private sector. There are talks about the “two unwaverings”, a phrase that means unwavering support for both private companies, as well as state-owned ones.  However, things are not quite the same in the actual market. According to...
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I’ve enjoyed many celebrations over the years. Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, my birthday… all of them are fine. But what I’m looking forward to most is Election Day. I love elections. Not only do they embody our democratic process in action, and fulfill the visions of our Founding...
Tracey Ezard
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Why fearsome leadership inflicts trauma

Leadership constantly requires us to pull from our strengths, values, and expertise, and contextualize them at the moment. It is an adaptive ability and leadership approach I call Ferocious Warmth. It is doing a constant dance between ferocity and warmth, high support and high challenge, head, and heart. Ferocious Warmth...
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