Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Joshi

Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Joshi

Dr. Manoj Joshi, is co-Author of "The VUCA Company”, “The VUCA Learner” and "VUCA in Start-ups". He is a Chartered Engineer and currently a Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship and Director, Centre for VUCA Studies, Amity University. He is the Regional Editor India, JFBM; IJSBA and an editorial board member for journals like APJM, JSBM, BSE, JEEE, WRMSED etc. His consulting includes VUCA strategy, travelled extensively with over 30 years of experience in areas of Screw pumps Design, Heat Exchangers, Loading Arms, consulting, research and teaching. He has a deep interest in dark matter, dark energy, astral travel, travelling to woods and life after death.

Dr. Manoj Joshi is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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Developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem to create a global start-up

India’s start-up economy is accelerating and has witnessed significant activities on multiple fronts, including the founding of new start-ups. The amount of funding, the number of investment rounds, the influx of global investors, the development of regulatory infrastructure, and internationalization in the last decade have witnessed geometric progress.  India is...
CEO Insider

Future of Transportation

In a dynamic changing world, most sectors are witnessing transformation. It is the speed, precision and safety that are the key drivers. Most transportation agencies are accelerating to translate mobility into a more seamless, sustainable, accessible, affordable and safe option. As a CEO in this sector or as an entrepreneur,...
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