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Dr. Manoj Joshi

Dr. Manoj Joshi

Dr. Manoj Joshi is Patron of the UNESCO Chair on ODL; Professor Extraordinarius, UNISA; authored 5 books “The VUCA Company”, “The VUCA Learner”, “VUCA in Start-ups”, “Business Incubators” and “Unleashing Innovation and Leadership”. A Chartered & Fellow Engineer; Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Director Centre for VUCA Studies & Dy. Dean Research (Mgmt. and Social Sci.) Amity University. Editorial Board with journals JFBM, ISBA, APJM, JSBM, BSE, JEEE, WRMSED etc. 140+ publications. Travelled extensively, 32+ years of experience areas - Screw pumps Design, Heat Exchangers, Loading Arms, consulting, research and teaching on VUCA strategy, weak signals, anticipatory mechanics and crafting foresight; interest in dark matter, dark energy, astral travel, travelling to woods and life after death.

Dr. Manoj Joshi is an opinion columnist and Executive Council member at the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
Modern CEO
Tech and Innovation

Technopreneurship: A Foresight into Edge Computing by IoT-based Start-ups

The curiosity: Entrepreneurship has been the root centre for crafting economic activities responsible for wealth creation, job creation and economic development. In a world posited by volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment, Covid19 accelerated technology based start-ups. This was as a result of creating a lean start-up that envisaged distancing,...
Family Controlled Businesses
Education and Career

Have Founder cum CEOs of Family Owned-Family Controlled Businesses diagnosed Conflicts?

Classical evidence: Family businesses exist globally, constituting majority of world business. They cover the largest size in terms of ownership and family management, contributing effectively to the GDP. These family owned – family-controlled businesses, usually termed as family businesses (FB) are unique in their framework due to their peculiar features such...
CEO Insights

CEO with the Raincoat!

Why do the entrepreneurial firms exist?  CEOs must revisit the question as to why do their entrepreneurial firm exists? This may not be an extension to the reason of the term transaction cost with a reference to the “cost of using the price mechanism” as described in the ‘Nature of...
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