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Useful Habits That Affect The Mood

Life is full of challenges and, many times, disappointments. Nowadays, even though the issues that concern our survival have been solved for the majority of the population, new topics trouble the human mind. The way we interact is complex and provides food for thought. Today we will suggest some habits that scientists claim we should include in our lives to feel happy, free, and relaxed.

  1. Gardening and music
    Many activities have been considered to help human psychology and are suggested to be tried out when people are in a bad mood. These include dancing, drawing, or even singing. However, two of the several activities that we are encouraged to adopt seem to play a major role in our health. According to renowned psychiatrists, gardening and music are the two things that can change dramatically the condition of a patient who suffers from psychological or mental disease. Why them specifically? At this point, this thesis is only supported by the fact that experience has shown wonderful results for the patients using these tools. Still, there is an explanation that has been attempted to be given, and we will develop it right now. Music is considered therapeutic because it addresses our primitive instincts having a direct and profound influence on our body cells. Therapeutic mechanisms that function in our bodies are being activated for our own benefit. The rhythm and the melody can cooperate to produce a surprising result that can often lower stress and even improve depression. Gardening, on the other hand, works differently. Initially, it allows people to get out of their houses and have a basic connection with nature. Meanwhile, gardening is a symbolic action that allows us to show the care we carry inside. As we see the flowers and seeds growing, we feel happy about the result and proud that we played a major role in that. Dopamine is a key hormone produced in such activities. At the same time, it relieves our stress because we see that life goes on without having to worry about it because this is just the way things go.
  2. Self-care
    Every activity oriented to ourselves, considering that we need love and rest, is welcomed in this process. Massage is a wonderful example, as it is one of the things people love. It improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and provides rejuvenation to all of our cells. However, it is not only the physical part that is adored at this point. The fact that someone cares and treats you with tenderness is crucial in massages. Spas are the best places to do things like that. Still, it is also important to show our love for our bodies on our own. For instance, having a self-massage on the face or hands is important because this way, we pass the message to ourselves that we love our bodies and we are more than interested in our well-being. Spending a couple of hours during the weekend to relax and express our self-love is precious and actually irreplaceable.
  3. Entertainment
    Last but not least, let us talk about the value of the games. Games exist for a reason. They are the best way to learn and deeply understand new things. When pieces of information pass through our brains in a fun and exciting way, they have ten times more chances of being understood. Entertainment is about having fun and forgetting the target and goals that seem crucial in real life. The reason why games should be a part of life is not just to relax. The fact that while we play, we also learn is quite vital. The learning process is what keeps us alive and energetic. People can be happy and complete when they feel they are exploring new territories. When that happens, we fill the ”storages” of our brains with new things that will be useful for us and for the evolution of humanity. Our brains are designed to like learning, and this is why including it in our lives in an amusing way is so important. Learning is not just for kids; adults can have wonderful experiences when they allow themselves to be open, and learning is fun for everyone.

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