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Richest NFL (National Football League) Players, 2023

Roger Staubach
Roger Staubach (FILE PHOTO)

Football, in America, has been popular for decades on end and is undoubtedly a very sacred spot for Americans. You’ve probably found yourself wondering, who is the NFL’s wealthiest player? How much are your favorite NFL players worth, and who comes out on top? We tracked the richest NFL (National Football League) Players — and will keep the numbers updated as more records get broken.

With a net worth of roughly $600 Million, Roger Staubach is the wealthiest NFL (National Football League) player. Behind Roger Staubach is John Madden, with an estimated net worth of $200 Million, followed by Peyton Manning (No. 3, $200 Million); and Tom Brady (No. 4, $180 Million).

The average NFL (National Football League) player earns around $2.5 million annually. Given these vast salaries, it might surprise you that NFL players do not have the highest average salaries of sports players in the world or even in the United States. NBA (National Basketball Association) players have a much higher average wage of around $7.5 million.

The list of the world’s wealthiest NFL (National Football League) Players can vary daily, depending on their latest net worth and financial performance. Drew Brees is the fifth-wealthiest NFL player, with $130 Million. Carson Palmer ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $100 Million, followed by Eli Manning with $95 Million. Eli Manning is placed 8th with a net worth of $90 Million. Calvin Johnson ($85 Million) occupied the 9th position on the top 10 richest NFL players list, followed by Joe Montana (No. 10, $80 Million). Here’s a countdown of the 100 wealthiest NFL players:

Richest NFL (National Football League) Players, 2023

RankNFL PlayerNet Worth
1Roger Staubach$600 Million
2John Madden$200 Million
3Peyton Manning$200 Million
4Tom Brady$180 Million
5Drew Brees$130 Million
6Carson Palmer$100 Million
7Brett Favre$95 Million
8Eli Manning$90 Million
9Calvin Johnson$85 Million
10Joe Montana$80 Million
11Ben Roethlisberger$70 Million
12Ndamukong Suh$70 Million
13Tony Romo$70 Million
14Terrell Suggs$69 Million
15Joe Flacco$65 Million
16Randy Moss$62 Million
17Sam Bradford$60 Million
18Julius Peppers$60 Million
19Matthew Stafford$60 Million
20Jared Allen$58 Million
21Rob Blake$57 Million
22Haloti Ngata$55 Million
23Alex Smith$55 Million
24Nnamdi Asomugha$55 Million
25Jerry Rice$55 Million
26Jake Long$54 Million
27Jason Peters$53 Million
28Mark Sanchez$52 Million
29Larry Fitzgerald$50 Million
30Jim Brown$50 Million
31Emmitt Smith$50 Million
32Vincent Jackson$50 Million
33Kurt Warner$48 Million
34Reggie Wayne$48 Million
35Joe Thomas$48 Million
36Brandon Marshall$48 Million
37Drew Bledsoe$48 Million
38Antrel Rolle$48 Million
39Anquan Boldin$46 Million
40Vernon Davis$46 Million
41Cam Newton$45 Million
42Michael Strahan$45 Million
43Ray Lewis$45 Million
44Matt Cassel$45 Million
45Walter Jones$45 Million
46Joe Haden$45 Million
47Gerald McCoy$45 Million
48Trent Williams$45 Million
49John Elway$45 Million
50Steven Jackson$41 Million
51Frank Gore$40 Million
52Andrew Luck$40 Million
53Edgerrin James$40 Million
54Deion Sanders$40 Million
55Roddy White$40 Million
56Ryan Clady$40 Million
57Steve Young$40 Million
58Kerry Collins$39.5 Million
59Marcell Dareus$36 Million
60LaDainian Tomlinson$36 Million
61Jerod Mayo$36 Million
62Quentin Jammer$36 Million
63Dan Marino$35 Million
64Donovan McNabb$35 Million
65Johnathan Joseph$35 Million
66Heath Miller$35 Million
67Jason Witten$35 Million
68AJ Green$35 Million
69Philip Rivers$35 Million
70Michael Turner$35 Million
71Clay Matthews$35 Million
72Tyson Jackson$35 Million
73Brian Westbrook$35 Million
74Mark Gastineau$35 Million
75Marshawn Lynch$34 Million
76Ike Taylor$34 Million
77LaRon Landry$34 Million
78DeAngelo Hall$33 Million
79Ryan Kalil$33 Million
80Sebastian Janikowski$33 Million
81Chris Johnson$33 Million
82Carlos Dunlap$32 Million
83Leonard Davis$32 Million
84Leon Hall$31 Million
85Corey Webster$30.5 Million
86Jay Cutler$30 Million
87Matt Ryan$30 Million
88Mario Williams$30 Million
89Antonio Smith$30 Million
90Michael Roos$30 Million
91Branden Albert$30 Million
92Branden Albert$30 Million
93Fred Taylor$30 Million
94Tony Gonzalez$30 Million
95Antonio Gates$30 Million
96Jordan Gross$30 Million
97Matt Schaub$30 Million
98Russell Wilson$30 Million
99Champ Bailey$30 Millio
100Mike Ditka$30 Million

Detailed findings & methodology: CEOWORLD magazine put together a panel of experts to go over data points culled from virtually every reputable wealth tracking media outlet, including Bloomberg, The Richest, Money Inc, Cheat Sheet, GOBankingRates, Celebritynetworth, Wealthygorilla, Forbes, and more. Based on a consensus from these sources, the final decision for ranking was judged editorially. All data is for the most recent period available. Some were not included in the official statistics for various reasons, primarily due to the lack of necessary data. Just remember, these values and fluctuations are estimations based on a host of variables and publicly available documents. The margin of sampling error for the full data sample is plus or minus 1.2 percentage points. In addition to sampling error, one should bear in mind that as in all survey research, there are possible sources of error—such as coverage, nonresponse, and measurement error——that could affect the results. All figures in US dollars.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Richest NFL (National Football League) Players, 2023
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