Kate Christie

Kate Christie

Kate Christie is the Founder and CEO of Time Stylers, a time management specialist, the best selling author of 4 time management books and a global speaker.

Kate Christie is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn.
Kate Christie
Chief Executive Insights

The Simplest Life Lesson of All – Just Say “Yes”

There we were, in the middle of the jungle, walking knee deep up a brown river, dripping wet, our sarongs trailing in the water as we navigated our way and kept our balance across slippery rocks with the use of long bamboo poles. We were completely alone but for our...
CEO Insider

Life is too short

In April my ex-husband passed away after a very short battle with cancer. It’s an unusual expression -  to ‘battle’ with cancer. There was no battle. The cancer was cunning. It arrived unannounced and spread its evil through his body without fanfare. By the time he was aware that he...
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