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Valuable Life Lessons From Older People

Life is not there to teach you anything; it is there for you to live it
The idea that when we want something, the whole universe works for us to have it came after Paulo Coelho published The Alchemist. The exciting story that is described in this pleasant book gave courage to thousands of people and helped them have faith again. However, science highly doubts that this concept is based on actual facts. We do not discourage anyone from having this way of thinking. As long as this works for you, it can be used as a perfect tool to accomplish your goals. However, do not let a metaphysical way of thinking work in a way that is not helpful for you. The concept that we need to learn lessons is often mistaken with the idea that we have to suffer in order to learn. This is not a healthy way to live life. Life is a mystery, and there is no way to discover what is behind it. The only thing we know is what we see, touch, hear, and sense. Make use of these wonderful gifts, and you will live a happy life.

Life is easy once you realize that everything is hard
Our perception of each experience that comes into our lives is based on our expectations. If we believe things should be easier, it is normal to find them hard. If we expect to be wealthy because everyone we know is wealthy, it is completely natural to get disappointed if we find out that money is not magically attracted to our pockets. Knowing that we have to try and sometimes we have to try hard or even harder relieves us from the fear that the reason we get so tired is that we follow the wrong road. That is right; when we believe things should be easier, we tend to give up. The reason is that we are not familiar with facing difficulties. The appearance of difficulty along the way is misunderstood and translated to false choices in the first place. Don’t be afraid to get tired, don’t be afraid to get exhausted. It is a part of the game, and it is an exciting one.

You are only responsible for the way you are going to live your life
Our appearance in this world is accidental. There are many theories about what is beyond, but no one can know what is actually out there if there is something in the first place. The fact that we are alive is not our achievement, and when the time comes and we go away again, this will not be a failure either. The only thing we should focus on is to live a happy life where we will be at peace with ourselves and others. This should be our only preoccupation. We are so afraid of death that we forget to live. We constantly avoid something that is the only thing that cannot be doubted. Think of what you can control and let go of sad emotions about things that are not in your hands.

There is no mirror; there is only a source
We often tend to complain about things that do not go that well. The perfect example could be found in friendship. Some people will claim they do not have true friends, and they will blame society for not having enough people to provide them with a single friend. It is as crazy as it sounds, but this is exactly how we tend to think. The funny thing is that we do not even realize it. There are plenty of potential friends for everyone as long as we are friendly. When we are open and share things, people show compassion. When we are generous and give stuff, people open up. What we don’t realize is that we have to take the first step. Why is the first step so important? Because it is an indication that we are willing to pay the price. It is a sign that we are ready to go as far as it goes to get what we want, and we do not passively wait for the universe to approach us. We are the source that can spread the light, and we have had this power from the very beginning.


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