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Interview with Nikos Migdalis, Co-Founder & CEO at International Media Ideas (IMI)

Nikos Migdalis
Nikos Migdalis (Image courtesy: Nikos Migdalis/FILE PHOTO.)

International Media Ideas (IMI) began as an exhibitions company in Dubai in 2007. Until today, it has managed to develop significantly. In 2008, it became an official contractor for top venues in the UAE, such as DWTC and ADNEC. In 2010, it expanded its operations in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and introduced event services. A year later, it expanded further into Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Turkey. Also, it expanded its operations in the European market in 2012. In 2014, it delivered two Guinness World Records events, and in 2017, it celebrated its 10th anniversary, introducing marketing strategy and the digital marketing discipline.

Nikos Migdalis, Co-Founder and CEO of IMI, talks in CEOWORLD magazine about the evolution of the company through the years, emphasizing that the United Arab Emirates is becoming a leading part of the world and an international business hub full of innovation, sustainability, and opportunities.

Q: When was your company founded, and how has it evolved through the years?

Nikos Migdalis: IMI was founded back in 2007 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and began its journey as an events and exhibition provider, specializing in high-end design solutions. While events and exhibitions have been our strongest part over the last years, the company has evolved through its ability to create long lasting partnerships with a diverse and prestigious clientele.

Today IMI serves a big number of brands globally with its end to end creative marketing expertise.

Providing premium marketing solutions, the company can be acknowledged as a full-service creative marketing agency offering high end solutions, covering both offline and online marketing requirements.

Q: Which of your projects are you most proud of?

Nikos Migdalis: It wouldn’t be fair to distinguish any of the projects we have executed for our clients as each one is part of our story and evolution.

If I had to identify a “project” that I am really proud of is our people which is the core of the business. Throughout the years, with the ups and downs, we managed to form a solid team which considers IMI as their own company and family and that reflects outside.

Q: Which do you think is the most crucial reason highlighting the importance of marketing in business?

Nikos Migdalis: The importance of marketing in business is that it makes the customers aware of your products and services while helping them to make a buying decision. It is the way to create sales, get new customer relationships and enhance the existing ones while you are building your brand.

Q: What’s your vision for International Media Ideas (IMI)?

Nikos Migdalis: IMI was founded with a spirit and the vision of creating happy clients by enabling them to grow business through best-of-breed creative marketing solutions.

As we are a customer-centric company we always try to improve the quality of our services, to create value and to ensure that our customer satisfaction is in the center of everything we do.

As IMI was “born” in the United Arab Emirates, we are also grateful and proud to be part of the country’s success story, a place which is evolving throughout the years and is becoming a leading part of the world and an international business hub full of innovation, sustainability and opportunities.

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