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Advantages of telemarketing why marketing calls still work in 2023

Despite the rise of digital advertising and social media, telemarketing remains a popular form of direct marketing. Like other marketing mediums, telemarketing can be used for lead generation, database cleaning, and sales.  But telemarketing allows marketers to establish personal connections with prospects in a way that digital strategies often can't. However, there...
Mike Stemple
CEO Insider

Why Are Big Companies Losing to Startups?

“You suck at innovation.” I unfortunately have to tell corporations this all the time. Why is it that a corporate employee can come up with an innovative idea and get nowhere with it? Despite having an abundance of resources, the corporate innovator is often left begging for time, talent, and...
Bob Marsh
Future of Work

Not Everything Is Digital: Live Events and ROI

It’s all too easy to focus your branding efforts on digital marketing, but live events still provide significant ROI. C-suite members must actively participate in live events to build important relationships that can’t be achieved via digital means with customers, investors, and stakeholders. Here are some important factors to consider...
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