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The impact of e-commerce on business

E-commerce has affected every sector of the economy, especially finance, retail, communications and business services. Today, many organizations have adopted e-commerce to increase the speed to market of their products and services. Innovations promoting e-commerce include electronic catalogs and search engines for finding information on the Internet; software agents or...
Stephanie Nora White
Future of Work


Business Leaders Play A Role in Alleviating Our Troublesome Times. Amid today’s fractious political times and societal divisions, it may be time for business leaders and their organizations to step into the breach to narrow the divide and help solve societal problems. The very real alternative is continued gridlock, leading to...
Belinda Morgan
CEO Insider

The 7 myths about part-time work

Many people think of part-time work as a zero-sum game. They know there are benefits for the individuals who work part-time, including better life balance and improved well-being. But they assume it’s only a downside and inconvenience for organizations. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Part-time work,...
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