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Top 5 Universities in Asia for Engineering and Technology

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Asia is home to many highly-ranked universities in the world and a chunk of them are in the league of the mainstream popular universities in the west. There has been a marked shift in the migration of students, and many students across the globe have started preferring Asian universities over western universities. Of course, there is more to this than just the quality education factor; the overall cost of living is comparably lower than most countries in the west. So, it is natural for students, particularly those from developing countries, to choose Asian universities as their priority.

If we talk about popular streams in Asia, Engineering and Technology are placed among the top. Today, a large number of students in and outside Asia migrate to avail of excellent education in the said field. In fact, a lot of them often switch to Asian universities because Asia has a reputation so far as the said field is concerned. Since we are already talking about Asian universities, I thought it should be educational to talk about the said field in greater detail.

So, here are 5 universities in Asia you should consider for studies in Engineering and Technology.

  1. National University of Singapore (NUS)
    An elite university in Singapore and one of the highest-ranked universities in the world, the National University of Singapore (NUS) holds a reputation incomparable. Founded in the year 1905, NUS is a national university with a strong background in research. Consistently a top performer, it offers courses in many fields including Engineering and Technology. Presently, its faculties include those of Dentistry, Science, Medical Science, and Law. Its faculty of Engineering is the largest in the university and comprises several departments such as Electrical & Computer Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The said faculty is among the top ten ranked faculties in the world.
  2. Tsinghua University
    Often ranked as the top Asian institution of higher education, Tsinghua University holds an indomitable presence as a top tier research institution in China and the world. It was founded in the year 1911 and offers myriad courses. It operates a number of schools which consist of many departments and include those on Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics and Management, and Information Science and Technology.  So far as research activity is concerned, much of it is backed by the government which means scholars get the opportunity to actively engage in national projects. The university also runs the Intellectual Property Summer Institute by collaborating with Franklin Pierce Law Centre of Concord, New Hampshire.
  3. University of Tokyo
    The University of Tokyo or Todai is the first of the imperial universities and was established way back in the year 1877. Operating from 5 campuses across the city, the university maintains 10 faculties and as many as 15 graduate schools. Its faculties include those of Education, Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Letters, and Arts and Sciences. Todai also has a very robust research background and has been regularly awarded for its contribution to the many fields of science. It holds a distinctive position so far as its activities in the field of Engineering is concerned. One can gather its investment in research by the number of research institutes it maintains such as the Earthquake Research Institute and Institute for Solid State Physics.
  4. Kyoto University
    Kyoto University, or Kyodai, is the second oldest university in Japan and is among the top in the world. Having been founded in the year 1897, it has garnered fame for its extensive research work. Presently, its academic structure consists of 10 faculties, 18 Graduate Schools, and many research centers and institutes. Its faculties include those of Integrated Human Studies, Law, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Economics, and Education. There are reputed research facilities in the university such as the Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Kosobe Conservatory, Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics. Graduates from the said universities have been ranked among the most highly employable in the world.
  5. Tokyo Institute of Technology
    By this time, you must have developed a strong opinion about the advancements which Japan has made so far as engineering and technology is concerned. So, it should be surprising to find another Japanese university on the list. Tokyo Institute of Technology is a national university with a dedicated background in science and technology.  Its academic organization is being reorganized and comprises schools of Engineering, Science, Bioscience and Biotechnology, and Graduate Schools of Information Science and Engineering, Decision Science and Technology, and Innovation Management. To complement the academic experience, it maintains several research facilities such as the Earth-Life Science Institute, Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, and Research laboratory for Nuclear Reactors.

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