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Top 10 Things In Order To Travel More Sustainably In Summer Vacations

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What about trying to travel more sustainably in your summer vacations? If you don’t know how to do this, in this article you will find a few tips you might not have thought about before.

  1. Think twice before you buy clothes for your summer vacations
    Do you need buying a holiday wardrobe or is it ok choosing from your clothing items you already have? If you are in need of buying something new it’s better to choose clothes from recycled materials.
  2. Try to keep your suitcase as light as possible
    If you keep your suitcase as light as possible you will pay less to carry it according to baggage weight requirements. Also, keep in mind that each extra kilo is aggravating for the environment as each extra kilo requires extra fuel for an airplane to take-off.
  3. Choose carefully your airline
    We all know that the best choice is going somewhere on foot or by bicycle. But if you want to go further, then what’s the best solution? The best thing is choosing airlines that are working to improve their eco footprint. There are specific airlines that try to reduce the fuel useage, the noise and at the same time increase efficiency.
  4. What about traveling by boat?
    If you have plenty of time to relax during your summer vacation, why not try traveling by boat? This is a more sustainable way to experience different destinations from the water.
  5. … or train?
    Traveling by train provides opportunities for achieving a lower carbon footprint than travelling by airplane or car. A remarkable number of European destinations are accessible via train. You can also choose travelling overnight if you want to have all day long to discover new places. Not to forget to mention that you should not have hesitations about travelling by train. If you have the right company, you will definitely enjoy it.
  6. Find eco-friendly hotels
    We don’t just mean choosing a hotel that washes towels less frequently or has installed specific devices to reduce energy consumption. Look for hotels that use organic cotton or earth-friendly hemp-yarn sheets. Cotton industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. Do not get carried away by marketing tolls that use hotels in order to show an eco-friendly approach. Try and find how many things of these they say are applied in practice.
  7. Be kind with animals
    Studies have shown that animals face high levels of stress when are too closely exposed to humans. So, try not to snorkel with dolphins or sit on elephants. The presence of humans can disrupt animals from their natural feeding habits. You can have fun without bothering earth creatures.
  8. Follow the right travel influencers
    It’s important to find people in social media who can enlighten your choice of travelling more sustainably in your summer vacations.
  9. Conscious travelling is crucial
    Before deciding to travel, consider how communities want their own cultures to be experienced or communicated. Are people with disabilities or people of colour included to every aspect of everyday life? Does the hotel you will stay reflect specific values?
  10. Try to use as less as you can your mobile phone
    The best you can do is travel abroad without your mobile phone. If this is very difficult for you then try at least to switch off your apps to minimize downloads and charging needs. It’s absolutely true that when using phones abroad, cloud usage and storage raise due to increased photo-taking and sharing.

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