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Two Out Of 3 Travelers Are Willing To Start Traveling Abroad

The travel trends as they are affected and shaped by Covid-19 tried to outline Mindhaus, a tourism marketing strategy company in collaboration with Pollfish, DIY research platform acquiring information and insights for a new survey.

In a sample of 2,750 respondents in some of the most important tourism markets, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy, the company tried to draw conclusions about their attitudes and intentions regarding international leisure trips in the Covid-19 era.

The 37.9% of respondents answered that they are willing to travel again once travel restrictions are lifted while trying to be constantly informed about their health status during the process of planning their trip. An additional and promising 28.1% said that because of the fact travel restrictions are lifted they can plan that leisure trip they had been dreaming of all this time.

Although all respondents identified the discovery of the vaccine for coronavirus treatment as the first factor in starting international travel, more than 66% of respondents said they consider equally important the health protocols during travel (11.8% of responses), the destinations that effectively managed the Covid-19 crisis (11.7% of responses), as well as the Covid-19 pre-flight detection test.

This group also considers security, relaxation, carefree and entertainment more important this year than their last year’s vacation, even from affordable cost. In addition, they are appreciating more than last year, the feeling of discovery (France) and adventure (USA) for their next international trip.

More specifically, the 16,3% of respondents look for safety, the 13,3% for relaxation, the 11,3% for fun and the 10,7% for good prices while planning to travel during 2020.

According to the survey for the same group of travelers, France (55%), the United Kingdom (55%) and Germany (62%) are more prepared to embark on international travel, as the corresponding percentage of respondents said they intend to travel abroad during 2020.

«Although the situation for the next quarter seems generally unfavorable, we see that 2 in 3 travelers really want to start their leisure trips abroad as soon as travel restrictions are lifted and they will not wait for the vaccine to be available on the market. We also understand that in addition to safety, they are looking for experiences of relaxation, carefreeness and fun even more than before» said Theofilos Kyratsoulis, General Manager of Mindhaus. «Based on the data, it turns out that Greece holds those key elements in the minds of travelers that make it the most attractive destination in the Mediterranean for the next quarter, especially for specific market segments, and among the most attractive in the medium term, something extremely useful in strategy and marketing for the recovery stage» he added.

«We know how important data is for businesses during Covid-19, especially for areas that have been most affected, such as travel and tourism» said John Papadakis, CEO of Pollfish, adding that «we can provide in-depth information to support this sector return to its previous performance».

The survey was conducted on 13th & 14th of May 2020 and was aimed at people over the age of 18 who had planned at least one leisure trip abroad for 2020. It aimed to understand – among other things – the intention of foreign travelers to travel abroad again and when, how their available budget has been affected, with whom they will travel, with what kind of travel content they have interacted with during the pandemic, what kind of experience they will seek on their next trip and which countries they plan to visit for leisure with an emphasis on the Mediterranean and in Greece.

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