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5 Things You Must Know Before You Decide To Pursue Thai Higher Education

From the scintillating nightlife of Bangkok to the picturesque bounties of Phi Phi islands, there is so much to know and experience in Thailand. It is a land of everything: congested roads, exciting local transport, finger-lickin’ good cuisine, and intriguing culture. Its touristic charm is what makes Thailand so famous, but its higher education system should get as much attention.

Thai Higher Education is something to be considered if you want to secure a good education in the Indian subcontinent. The country has many reputed institutions and can offer you a chance to build a bright career. However, before anything else, you should know what awaits you in Thailand. There are certain things you should know before you decide to pursue Thai higher education—and here are 5 of them for your reference.

  1. Thai Way of Time Management
    Time is a virtue; once it is lost, it is lost. Well, Thai people may want to tweak that adage a little bit. If you are coming from the West, there is a likelihood that your people take time very seriously. However, Thai people are laid back and tend to offer an extra few minutes.

    So, if you are asked to reach your university by 9, you will be likely excused for being late by ten or fifteen minutes. Honestly, I like this way better; you are not constrained and can function more easily.

  2. Understand the transportation network
    As a student, transportation will become very important for you. Buses are the most commonly used transportation mode in Thailand, but taxis are also becoming a good alternative. Of course, you have Tuk-Tuks if you want to experience the real Thai ride.

    Other facilities available to you include metro, boats, and skytrains. Note this, certain areas in the country are not readily accessible, especially those lying amid mountains. Therefore, plan your trips to and from university and other places accordingly.

  3. You can save a lot of money
    One of the biggest concerns of an international student is living expenses. Thankfully, Thailand has got that covered. From renting a place to paying for meals, you can save a ton every month because it is a country that is cheap, reliable, and safe.

    There are so many cafes and other outlets with free Internet connectivity that you might not even have to expend your data too much. Then, there is transportation which is sprawling, well-connected, and cheap. What more do you want? You are already getting a good education, and the rest of your problems can be managed pretty well here.

  4. Learn the language
    English will help you like it generally does in every other country, but it is always better to learn the local language. In order to integrate yourself in any society, you must learn, of all the things, its language. Language is what brings people together and establishes a sense of association among people.

    Even if you are here for a short period of time, you will be spending much of it with locals and in a different culture. Getting the hang of the language will help you understand how the Thai society works. Since you are in a position to save money here, how about spending a bit of it on language learning classes? Trust me, you will not be disappointed with the results.

  5. Spend time with locals
    Language is a step towards closer association with Thai locals. The benefits of making acquaintances are multifold but the most important one is that you will get to know the tricks to go about the ways of the country and its people. There is only so much you can learn from the Internet, but the world is much different from what we see online.

    You may read a hundred articles written on Thailand and its lifestyle, but you cannot get the kind of insider information you can get from a Thai local. He can tell you the cheapest routes to a place, bargaining techniques, importance of local traditions, best cafes in the region, stereotypes about the country, and whatnot. So, when you decide to come here, be prepared to indulge in socialization.

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