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Which countries are most and least prepared to deal with an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus?

Unsurprisingly, the United States is the most prepared country to deal with epidemic or pandemic like the mysterious Coronavirus, that’s according to the Global Health Security Index. The United Kingdom came second with 77.9, followed by the Netherlands with 75.6.

Other countries in Europe like Sweden (72.1), ranked 7th, Denmark (70.4), ranked 8th, and Finland (68.7), ranked 10th, were also in the top 10 most prepared countries to deal with epidemic or pandemic. Thailand (No. 6) and South Korea (No. 9) are the only Asian countries to make it to the top 10. China was further down the ranking with a score of 48.2, placing it 51st.

Within the QUAD countries, the United States was ranked 1st, followed by Australia at 4th, Japan at 21st, and India at 57th. The four QUAD countries represent over 1,850 million or 1.37 billion people. The QUAD members are known for their significant influence on international affairs; all are members of G20. As of 2018, these five nations have a combined nominal GDP of US$30 trillion and an estimated combined GDP (PPP) of around US$40 trillion.

The Global Health Security Index is the first comprehensive study of global health security capabilities in 195 countries. The index analyzed preparation levels by focusing on whether nations have the proper tools in place to deal with large scale outbreaks of disease, with scores measured on a scale of 0 to 100 where 100 is the highest level of preparedness.

Unfortunately, Equatorial Guinea (No. 195) is the least-prepared country when it came to containing diseases, followed by Somalia (No. 194), North Korea (No. 193), Sao Tome and Príncipe (No. 192), and Marshall Islands (No. 191). Of all continents, Africa scored lowest. So far at least, no country in Africa has confirmed a case of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus outbreak has not been classified as an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), but the disease has already killed 100 people and infected more than 4,500 since being detected in China’s Wuhan at the end of December.

Countries most prepared to deal with an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus

RankCountryRegionPopulationIncome LevelScore
1United StatesNorth America100m+High income83.5
2United KingdomEurope50-100mHigh income77.9
3NetherlandsEurope10-50mHigh income75.6
4AustraliaOceania10-50mHigh income75.5
5CanadaNorth America10-50mHigh income75.3
6ThailandSouth East Asia50-100mUpper middle income73.2
7SwedenEurope1-10mHigh income72.1
8DenmarkEurope1-10mHigh income70.4
9South KoreaEast Asia50-100mHigh income70.2
10FinlandEurope1-10mHigh income68.7
11FranceEurope50-100mHigh income68.2
12SloveniaEurope1-10mHigh income67.2
13SwitzerlandEurope1-10mHigh income67
14GermanyEurope50-100mHigh income66
15SpainEurope10-50mHigh income65.9
16NorwayEurope1-10mHigh income64.6
17LatviaEurope1-10mHigh income62.9
18MalaysiaSouth East Asia10-50mUpper middle income62.2
19BelgiumEurope10-50mHigh income61
20PortugalEurope10-50mHigh income60.3
21JapanEast Asia100m+High income59.8
22BrazilLatin America and the Caribbean100m+Upper middle income59.7
23IrelandEurope1-10mHigh income59
24SingaporeSouth East Asia1-10mHigh income58.7
25ArgentinaLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mHigh income58.6
26AustriaEurope1-10mHigh income58.5
27ChileLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mHigh income58.3
28MexicoLatin America and the Caribbean100m+Upper middle income57.6
29EstoniaEurope1-10mHigh income57
30IndonesiaSouth East Asia100m+Lower middle income56.6
31ItalyEurope50-100mHigh income56.2
32PolandEurope10-50mHigh income55.4
33LithuaniaEurope1-10mHigh income55
34South AfricaAfrica50-100mUpper middle income54.8
35HungaryEurope1-10mHigh income54
35New ZealandOceania1-10mHigh income54
37GreeceEurope10-50mHigh income53.8
38CroatiaEurope1-10mHigh income53.3
39AlbaniaEurope1-10mUpper middle income52.9
40TurkeyWest Asia50-100mUpper middle income52.4
41SerbiaEurope1-10mUpper middle income52.3
42Czech RepublicEurope10-50mHigh income52
42GeorgiaWest Asia1-10mLower middle income52
44ArmeniaWest Asia1-10mUpper middle income50.2
45EcuadorLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income50.1
46MongoliaEast Asia1-10mLower middle income49.5
47Kyrgyz RepublicCentral Asia1-10mLower middle income49.3
47Saudi ArabiaWest Asia10-50mHigh income49.3
49PeruLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income49.2
50VietnamSouth East Asia50-100mLower middle income49.1
51ChinaEast Asia100m+Upper middle income48.2
52SlovakiaEurope1-10mHigh income47.9
53PhilippinesSouth East Asia100m+Lower middle income47.6
54IsraelWest Asia1-10mHigh income47.3
55KenyaAfrica50-100mLower middle income47.1
56United Arab EmiratesWest Asia1-10mHigh income46.7
57IndiaSouth Asia100m+Lower middle income46.5
58IcelandEurope<1mHigh income46.3
59KuwaitWest Asia1-10mHigh income46.1
60RomaniaEurope10-50mUpper middle income45.8
61BulgariaEurope1-10mUpper middle income45.6
62Costa RicaLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mUpper middle income45.1
63RussiaEurope100m+Upper middle income44.3
63UgandaAfrica10-50mLow income44.3
65ColombiaLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income44.2
65El SalvadorLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mLower middle income44.2
67LuxembourgEurope<1mHigh income43.8
68MontenegroEurope<1mUpper middle income43.7
68MoroccoAfrica10-50mLower middle income43.7
68PanamaLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mHigh income43.7
71LiechtensteinEurope<1mHigh income43.5
72MyanmarSouth East Asia50-100mLower middle income43.4
73LaosSouth East Asia1-10mLower middle income43.1
73LebanonWest Asia1-10mUpper middle income43.1
73NicaraguaLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mLower middle income43.1
73OmanWest Asia1-10mHigh income43.1
77CyprusWest Asia<1mHigh income43
78MoldovaEurope1-10mLower middle income42.9
79Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope1-10mUpper middle income42.8
80JordanWest Asia10-50mUpper middle income42.1
81UruguayLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mHigh income41.3
82QatarWest Asia1-10mHigh income41.2
83KazakhstanCentral Asia10-50mUpper middle income40.7
84EthiopiaAfrica100m+Low income40.6
85BhutanSouth Asia<1mLower middle income40.3
86MadagascarAfrica10-50mLow income40.1
87EgyptAfrica50-100mLower middle income39.9
88BahrainWest Asia1-10mHigh income39.4
89CambodiaSouth East Asia10-50mLower middle income39.2
90North MacedoniaEurope1-10mUpper middle income39.1
91Dominican RepublicLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income38.3
92Sierra LeoneAfrica1-10mLow income38.2
92ZimbabweAfrica10-50mLow income38.2
94UkraineEurope10-50mLower middle income38
95SenegalAfrica10-50mLow income37.9
96NigeriaAfrica100m+Lower middle income37.8
97IranSouth Asia50-100mUpper middle income37.7
98MaltaEurope<1mHigh income37.3
99Trinidad and TobagoLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mHigh income36.6
100SurinameLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income36.5
101TanzaniaAfrica50-100mLow income36.4
102BoliviaLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mLower middle income35.8
103ParaguayLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mUpper middle income35.7
104NamibiaAfrica1-10mUpper middle income35.6
105Côte d’IvoireAfrica10-50mLower middle income35.5
105GhanaAfrica10-50mLower middle income35.5
105PakistanSouth Asia100m+Lower middle income35.5
108BelarusEurope1-10mUpper middle income35.3
108St LuciaLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income35.3
110CubaLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income35.2
111LiberiaAfrica1-10mLow income35.1
111NepalSouth Asia10-50mLow income35.1
113BangladeshSouth Asia100m+Lower middle income35
114MauritiusAfrica1-10mUpper middle income34.9
115CameroonAfrica10-50mLower middle income34.4
116UzbekistanCentral Asia10-50mLower middle income34.3
117AzerbaijanWest Asia1-10mUpper middle income34.2
117GambiaAfrica1-10mLow income34.2
117RwandaAfrica10-50mLow income34.2
120Sri LankaSouth Asia10-50mLower middle income33.9
121MaldivesSouth Asia<1mUpper middle income33.8
122TunisiaAfrica10-50mLower middle income33.7
123St Vincent and The GrenadinesLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income33
124MicronesiaOceania<1mLower middle income32.8
125GuatemalaLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income32.7
125GuineaAfrica10-50mLow income32.7
125MonacoEurope<1mHigh income32.7
128BruneiSouth East Asia<1mHigh income32.6
128TogoAfrica1-10mLow income32.5
130AfghanistanSouth Asia10-50mLow income32.3
130TajikistanCentral Asia1-10mLow income32.3
132NigerAfrica10-50mLow income32.2
133BarbadosLatin America and the Caribbean<1mHigh income31.9
133SeychellesAfrica<1mHigh income31.9
135BelizeLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income31.8
135TurkmenistanCentral Asia1-10mUpper middle income31.8
137GuyanaLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income31.7
138HaitiLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mLow income31.5
139BotswanaAfrica1-10mUpper middle income31.1
139Eswatini (Swaziland)Africa1-10mLower middle income31.1
139San MarinoEurope<1mHigh income31.1
142BahamasLatin America and the Caribbean<1mHigh income30.6
143AndorraEurope<1mHigh income30.5
144LesothoAfrica1-10mLower middle income30.2
145Burkina FasoAfrica10-50mLow income30.1
146Cabo VerdeAfrica<1mLower middle income29.3
147Antigua and BarbudaLatin America and the Caribbean<1mHigh income29
147JamaicaLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mUpper middle income29
147MaliAfrica10-50mLow income29
150BeninAfrica10-50mLow income28.8
150ChadAfrica10-50mLow income28.8
152ZambiaAfrica10-50mLower middle income28.7
153MozambiqueAfrica10-50mLow income28.1
154MalawiAfrica10-50mLow income28
155Papua New GuineaOceania1-10mLower middle income27.8
156HondurasLatin America and the Caribbean1-10mLower middle income27.6
157GrenadaLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income27.5
157MauritaniaAfrica1-10mLower middle income27.5
159Central African RepublicAfrica1-10mLow income27.3
160ComorosAfrica<1mLow income27.2
161Congo Democratic RepublicAfrica50-100mLow income26.5
162SamoaOceania<1mUpper middle income26.4
163St Kitts and NevisLatin America and the Caribbean<1mHigh income26.2
163SudanAfrica10-50mLower middle income26.2
165VanuatuOceania<1mLower middle income26.1
166Timor LesteSouth East Asia1-10mLower middle income26
167IraqWest Asia10-50mUpper middle income25.8
168FijiOceania<1mUpper middle income25.7
168LibyaAfrica1-10mUpper middle income25.7
170AngolaAfrica10-50mLower middle income25.2
171TongaOceania<1mUpper middle income25.1
172DominicaLatin America and the Caribbean<1mUpper middle income24
173AlgeriaAfrica10-50mUpper middle income23.6
173Congo BrazzavilleAfrica1-10mLower middle income23.6
175DjiboutiAfrica<1mLower middle income23.2
176VenezuelaLatin America and the Caribbean10-50mUpper middle income23
177BurundiAfrica10-50mLow income22.8
178EritreaAfrica1-10mLow income22.4
179PalauOceania<1mHigh income21.9
180South SudanAfrica10-50mLow income21.7
181TuvaluOceania<1mUpper middle income21.6
182NauruOceania<1mUpper middle income20.8
183Solomon IslandsOceania<1mLower middle income20.7
184NiueOceania<1mUpper middle income20.5
185Cook IslandsOceania<1mHigh income20.4
186GabonAfrica1-10mUpper middle income20
186Guinea BissauAfrica1-10mLow income20
188SyriaWest Asia10-50mLow income19.9
189KiribatiOceania<1mLower middle income19.2
190YemenWest Asia10-50mLow income18.5
191Marshall IslandsOceania<1mUpper middle income18.2
192Sao Tome and PríncipeAfrica<1mLower middle income17.7
193North KoreaEast Asia10-50mLow income17.5
194SomaliaAfrica10-50mLow income16.6
195Equatorial GuineaAfrica1-10mUpper middle income16.2

These countries are most prepared to deal with an epidemic like the Coronavirus

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Netherlands
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. Thailand
  7. Sweden
  8. Denmark
  9. South Korea
  10. Finland

These countries are most prepared to deal with an epidemic like the Coronavirus

These countries are least prepared to deal with an epidemic like the Coronavirus

  1. Equatorial Guinea
  2. Somalia
  3. North Korea
  4. Sao Tome and Príncipe
  5. Marshall Islands
  6. Yemen
  7. Kiribati
  8. Syria
  9. Guinea Bissau
  10. Gabon

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Which countries are most and least prepared to deal with an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus?

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