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Ranked: Countries That Will Have The Most Millionaires (In U.S. dollars) In The Next 5 Years


Currently, there are 47 million people who are millionaires (in U.S. dollars) in the world, according to a Credit Suisse report. It’s no surprise that the United States accounts for about 40 percent of the millionaires the world.

Nearly 18.61 million people in the United States were now laying claim to fortunes over $1 million. Notably, China claims 4.45 million adults with a net worth above $1 million.

China is the country with the second-largest number of millionaires in the world, followed by Japan, which has 3.03 million millionaires, the United Kingdom (2.46 million), Germany (2.19 million), and France (2.07 million).

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The report estimates the number of global millionaires could exceed 62 million by 2024 from 47 million in 2019.

Here are the countries which are predicted to have the most millionaires by 2024

1United States18.61 million22.93 million
2China4.45 million6.87 million
3Japan3.03 million5.16 million
4United Kingdom2.46 million3.18 million
5Germany2.19 million3.02 million
6France2.07 million2.83 million
7Italy1.5 million2 million
8Canada1.32 million1.87 million
9Australia1.18 million1.53 million
10Spain9790001.39 million
11India7590001.19 million
12Netherlands8320001.09 million
13Switzerland8100001.03 million
14South Korea741000965000
16Hong Kong516000700000

Unsurprisingly, the United States will have the most millionaires in the world in 2024, with 16.06 million more than the next closest country, China. There will be 22.93 million millionaires in the United States in 2024, 6.87 million in China, 5.16 million in Japan, 3.18 million in the United Kingdom, and 3.02 million in Germany.

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