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These Are The 18 Countries With The Most Millionaires In 2019

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Unsurprisingly, the United States still has the largest number of millionaires in the world; that’s according to the 2019 edition of Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report.

The U.S. has the highest millionaire population, with 18.61 million individuals with 675,000 added since last year. China came second overall with a millionaire population of 4.45 million, with 158,000 newcomers. The survey also shows the Brexit effect has reduced the number of the United Kingdom millionaires by 27,000.

Japan has the third-highest millionaire population with 3.03 million individuals with 187,000 added since last year.

Japan and China contributed the forth- and fifth-most, according to calculations based on U.S. dollars.

  1. United States: 18.61 million
  2. China: 4.45 million
  3. Japan: 3.03 million
  4. United Kingdom: 2.46 million
  5. Germany: 2.18 million
  6. France: 2.07 million
  7. Italy: 1.50 million
  8. Canada: 1.32 million
  9. Australia: 1.18 million
  10. Spain: 979,000
  11. Netherlands: 832,000
  12. Switzerland: 810,000
  13. India: 759,000
  14. Hong Kong: 516,000
  15. Brazil: 259,000
  16. Saudi Arabia: 147,000
  17. Turkey: 94,000
  18. Greece: 68,000

The world’s 46.8 million millionaires are now worth a combined $158.3 trillion – or 44% of the world’s total wealth.

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