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The Top 6 Historic Sites To Visit In Europe

Think of longest history and amalgamation of cultures- think of Europe. There is no other better continent in the world that boasts of multitudes of heritage, breathtaking versatility and unique historic spots for the global traveler to visit. Every country in here has a story to be heard, experienced and spread. Europe breathes of historic importance and gives the traveler a magical experience for sure. The global traveler can either choose architectural marvels, or historic museums to gain knowledge or the landscape spots that are masterful to the core. We bring you the list of historic destinations in Europe that cannot be missed:

  1. The Pantheon in Rome, Italy: This place was the pulse of the city once upon a time for great reasons. The complexities of the Roman empire are clearly evident in this mystical destination and the forum holds the impressive remains of the same. Though Rome is full of historic spots to visit, make sure you first visit the Pantheon and then take over the journey from there.

  2. The Acropolis, Athens, Greece: To know the grandeur of Greek civilization and get enamored by this magical rocky construction, The Acropolis is much more than what it seems to be. While the construction gleams brightly in the Greek blazing sun during the days, it is brilliantly lit and has an aura of its own during the sublime nights. Also make sure to visit the museum near the Acropolis along with the Ancient City of Agora which showcases the ruins of ancient courtrooms, senate buildings, and law libraries.

  3. London’s Historic Walk, England, United Kingdom: The English sure have a way to win hearts through their preservation of history. This unique historic walk should be first in the bucket list for whoever traveling to London.  Starting from the Tower of London, walk along the magical Thames River that flows in the middle of the city.  On the way further, experience St. Paul’s Cathedral,  Trafalgar Square, House Guards, 10 Downing Street, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament as well.

  4. La Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain: This historic Andalusian city has witnessed many invasions and boasts of many valiant stories of revolutions. Located at the shadow of Sierra Nevada mountains, the destination has a Moorish feel to it. One can experience the mystery of Moorish people during the visit in here.

  5. The Colosseum. Rome, Italy: The unique round structure was a prison for many Romans and also the gladiator sport was played in here. Listen to the roads of lions, and the valiant stories of people who fought the lions as part of their punishment. The Gladiator sport was treated to be one of the best pastimes for ancient Romans and kudos to the government for preserving the marvel intact even till date.

  6. The Old City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia: One can walk around the entire city from this 25 meters high walls that surround it. Built and fortified as long before between 13-15th centuries, the protection offered by them is appealing. It also offers an amazing scope for photographers to get majestic visual captures.

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